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Back from South Africa — for Now #sol16

Rachel and I met during sorority rush my freshman year. She was a sister in a sorority (not the one I ended up pledging). I was hobbling around rush on crutches, which attracted a lot of attention. Rachel came over and asked the question I heard time and time again during the first round.

“What happened?”

After I finished telling my story, Rachel noticed the last name on my name tag. “Are you related to Jeremy Shubitz?” 

“Yes,” I replied. “He’s my first cousin.”

“We went to high school together,” Rachel replied.

And so began what’s been a 20-years-and-running friendship.

Rachel and I went out to countless brunches when we lived in Manhattan. We’d water each other’s plants and check each other’s mail when we were out of town. She has been by my side in the best of times and the worst of times.  Even this past year, when she’s been working abroad in South Aftica, she was there for me in real time (despite a six-hour time difference) as I navigated my miscarriage. Now that’s a true friend!

I can’t believe I was lucky enough to be in town the one week-end Rachel was back on this continent! (Granted, I was almost an hour away from her condo, but an hour’s drive is way better than a 16-hour flight!) I drove to her condo. We hung out there and then went out for frozen yogurt. Afterwards, we got our nails done and went to dinner. Nothing too wild and crazy, but a wonderful afternoon spent with a dear friend.

Dinner at Sweet Grass Grill

11 thoughts on “Back from South Africa — for Now #sol16

  1. Girlfriends do fill our souls! What a great way to spend the day, friendship, frozen yogurt, bit of pampering and of course good food!

  2. A friendship like that endures time and miles. Sounds like a perfectly lovely way to spend a day, and totally worth the hour-long drive!

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