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“Will you play with me?” #sol16

I spent much of the early part of my morning providing feedback to my graduate students on their writing. In fact, I convinced Isabelle to go and play independently after 7 a.m. just so I could get more work done. She grew frustrated by 7:45 a.m. so I promised her “just 15 more minutes.” I set myself a timer and I told her I’d be all hers once it rang. She retreated from my office and played on her own.

As soon as the timer went off, I made good on my word and went into her playroom. “What would you like for breakfast: oatmeal or an English muffin?

She looked up from her drawing and said, “Will you play with me?”

I looked pressed the home button on my phone. It was a little after 8 a.m. I was still in my p.j.’s. (NOTE: Isabelle’s spring break from school began today.) I knew we had to eat breakfast and then I had to go upstairs to stretch, get myself washed up, and dressed. Plus, I needed to put on makeup. We had to be on the road for her medical appointment by 9:30 a.m. I couldn’t get it all done and I had to get moving.But,

But, she wanted to play with me. How could I turn down that request?

I couldn’t. And I didn’t.

IMG_6011“Of course I can play with you. What do you want to play?”

“Let’s draw rocks,” she replied.

And so we did.

In the end, I didn’t stretch and dealt with soreness all day. I also applied less makeup. Oh well! I made time for my daughter and that’s what mattered most.

One day, in ten or so years from now, I know Isabelle will want me to leave her alone and give her space. But not right now. Therefore, I will drop anything to play whenever I can.

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17 thoughts on ““Will you play with me?” #sol16

  1. We should all stop what we’re doing and play more! I believe that giving of our time is the most important thing we can give someone we love or respect or appreciate!

  2. Stacey, you are so right to put your priorities straight. Less makeup is a very good trade-off and you’re right – in ten years she’ll want her space but since you have modelled puttingtime with her first – she will prioritize making time for you too. Well done!

  3. The sacrifices we make for our little ones. You are right…soon she will want to be left alone, so now is the time to play.

  4. You are right. They grow up so very quickly that they don’t ask you to play when they’re older. Although, I am lucky, my daughter still loves to spend time with me even though she’s 17. But, I’ll still stop whatever I’m doing to do something with her. Before I blink, she’ll be out of the house and I won’t have those chances as often. Enjoy your time!!

  5. Stacey, your heart always tells you what to do. I admire you so much as a parent and educator. In this case, the play time with Isabelle was the most important thing. You do a great job of balancing your time, and you have a very busy schedule! Enjoy this long weekend!

  6. Wonderful thoughts from a caring parent. Yes, one day Isabelle will want you to leave her alone, but that stage will pass quickly. You are setting up a wonderful relationship between the two of you that she can rely on.

  7. We are often torn in so many directions with ‘important stuff’. Your choice told Isabelle SHE was the important stuff! It’s not always easy, and we can’t always do it, but your last line says it all, “One day, in ten or so years from now, I know Isabelle will want me to leave her alone and give her space. But not right now. Therefore, I will drop anything to play whenever I can.” From one on the other side of those ten years I can assure you, you are doing the right thing!!

  8. And that will make all the difference in her teen years… if the relationship is there now it still will be then. Different but still there! and makeup is completely overrated!

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