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Ugly Hat. Happy Head.

“Will you be embarrassed to be seen with me if I wear this hat to pick you up at school?”
“No Mommy.”
“Are you sure? It has ear flaps.”

“I think you look cute!”

“You do?”


It was settled. My daughter thought the ugly hat I grabbed at LL Bean was cute on me. Therefore, we got in line and purchased it.


Parked in my car, TRYING to make this hat look cooler, by wearing sunglasses. (Sunglasses can’t help this hat look cool.)
 Fast-forward to this morning, aka: the first day I actually wore said-hat.

Giggles ensued once it was on my hat, even though it was not clipped on the bottom.

“What’s so funny?” I asked Isabelle.

More giggles.

“Is it my hat?”

Even more giggles.

“That’s great. YOU told me I looked cute in this hat!”

“You look silly.”

Yeah, I know I look silly. But it is cold outside. Cold as in 19Ā°F, but feels like 8Ā°F. My 28 year-old self would die if she saw me walking around with this hat. I never would’ve been caught dead walking around Manhattan in something this ugly! But my 38 year-old self doesn’t care. My ears are warm. If my ears are warm, then I’m happy — no matter how silly I look.


25 thoughts on “Ugly Hat. Happy Head.

  1. I love, love, love how you distinguish between your “28 year old self” and your “38 year old self.” I don’t know if it’s age or having children or experience, but I can completely relate to making decisions now that I would have been mortified (foolishly so) to make 10 years ago. Enjoy the hat and stay warm!

  2. I am sure anyone thinking the hat was funny would be secretly wishing they had one just like it because their ears were freezing. These days I wear what’s warm and comfortable for me whatever fashion statement it might make to others.

  3. I don’t know I sort of like the hat! It’s all in how you feel when you wear it . . . and it sounds like you feel warm and cozy! Sunglasses do help too šŸ˜‰

  4. Stacey,
    Ah the joys of children – even on consecutive days the response can change! So great that you consulted Isabelle during the purchase but kudos for defying fashion and going for warmth and staying well in the cold. In the long run, your plan is probably the best! šŸ™‚

    BTW – It’s not ugly! It’s warm!

  5. So funny, Stacey. Whatever works is what I say! We actually have a hat similar around the house, & on occasion, low temps, someone grabs it to wear. Then we all laugh, yet there are more hats here perhaps than in PA. FYI-this won’t be the first time that you make Isabelle giggle!

  6. I have that hat. From LL Bean. It’s not my kids, but my husband who giggles. I have another that he calls “Mommy’s magic hat”. But guess who’s head is not cold?! This girl’s!

  7. The hat is perfect! I’m so glad it gave you and Isabelle a good morning giggle. I have a big, fuzzy Sherpa coat that makes my boys roll their eyes. I wear it anyway!

  8. The many moods of our children! Funny how she set you up to buy the hat and giggled through your wearing it! No sense ‘suffering for beauty’ (as my husband likes to say) when it is this darn cold outside. You are smart to wear the hat!

  9. I would wear this hat too! Don’t care as long as I’m warm!! And, I think you look cute in it — sunglasses and lipstick not necessary! šŸ™‚ Too funny!

  10. Enjoy the “You looks silly” comment… it’s so much more generous than what might come from a teenager (: I think you look great- and more importantly- warm! Happy New Year Stacey.

    1. I do consider myself lucky. When I wear this hat a few winters from now I’m sure she’ll be running the opposite direction rather than cheerfully holding my hand in the parking lot.

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