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“Mobile” is not my last name.

I sent a message to my mom to see if she dictates to Siri by telling her to "Call Stacey, mobile." Turns out she does.
I sent a message to my mom to see if she dictates to Siri by telling her to “Call Stacey, mobile.” Turns out she does.

I retained my birth name when I married my husband. Our daughter has his name. Every now and then I quiz her to make sure she knows my last name is different than her’s… just in case.  But I haven’t thought to drill her on her basic information (e.g., her full name, her complete address, my last name) for the past three weeks since I’ve been convalescing after my surgery.

Isabelle and I were putting on our shoes this morning when she started talking about Halloween. (A favorite topic these days!)

“I’m gonna share my candy from Hersheypark in the Dark with Molly.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked.

She continued. “And Andrew. And Sarah. And Marc. And Stacey.”

“Wow! So that’s how you refer to me now? As Stacey?!!?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Your name is Stacey Mobile.”


“Your name is Stacey Mobile,” she repeated.

Stacey Mobile? What is she talking about? And then it dawned on me… “Did you hear Bubbe say, ‘Call Stacey, mobile’ when she was here with you for the past few weeks?

“Yes,” she replied.

“And now you think my name is Stacey Mobile?” I asked.

“That’s your name,” she stated.

I was too tired for a fight. After all, I took over being “Mommy” again this morning. That’s because Isabelle’s bubbe, my mom, went home after helping us for two-and-a-half weeks. My husband is on-call at work this week, which means I’m doing more than usual this week. I didn’t feel like myself. I didn’t want to start correcting her and drilling her. Besides — it was kind of cute. Stacey Mobile! 

Head over to for more slices of life.
Head over to for more slices of life.

28 thoughts on ““Mobile” is not my last name.

  1. That’s great. I love when you have to figure out a kid’s train of thought in order to understand what they heck they are talking about. That happens a lot at our house.

  2. Very funny! My 4.5 year old also thinks it is fun to call us by our first names instead of mom and dad. My favourite is when she refers to me as “mother”. It is interesting to note the large number of names one person can have!

  3. I guessed where this was heading though I’m not a “Siri” user (and in fact, turned off the voice for the GPS!) It’s so fun to both listen to and watch the stages that our children go through.

    And here’s to hoping that you are feeling better and stronger every day!

  4. Hi Stacey Mobile, Too Cute! Hope you are starting to feel stronger. Just start using the Royal Mommy – you know, give it to Mommy, Mommy says it is time to…, Mommy loves you, etc. She will forget about Stacy Mobile in no time.

  5. It is amazing what kids pick up on! We try so hard to limit screen time, with my English teacher’s heart taking a firm stance against them. It is interesting to hear about how kids learn linguistically from all that is happening around them!

  6. Oh, Stacey, I love this story. I hope you are writing these down for her too. This stage of her life passes so quickly – so glad you just treasured it. Hope you continue to heal. Thinking of you.

  7. So cute. Imogene went through a time when she said her name was Imogene Teacher. We thought it came from different people saying “That’s Miss Barb, her teacher.” My daughter has kept her name too, Stacey & it has made some funny moments. Stacey Mobile is just right for a mom taking her child everywhere!

  8. Just when you think they don’t listen, their minds are busy trying to piece together the information at hand. Very funny and a cute moment to bring up later in life.

  9. What a cute story and you know it didn’t need correcting – write it down, there are so many little things I didn’t write down and wish I had or record the story as a voice memo – Stacey Mobile.

  10. Kids say the darndest things, don’t they! I babysat for a kid who asked me to put his lunch in the “crowave.” It took me several minutes to figure out he was thinking “My” and “Crowave” were two separate words. ; )

  11. What a funny story! My nephew called his brother “Whaddy” because every time he would say, “Mommy” she would answer with “Whaddy.” Kids – you gotta love ’em!

  12. Hahahahaha! I laughed so hard I had to show this to my husband! My mom calls me orally on her phone from her car, so I wonder if this will happen to me in a few years when Marisol is older!! 🙂

  13. Adorable. I love hearing how kids perceive words. I wish I had a blog when my girls were growing up. A nice way to record these moments.

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