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Lunchbox Poems for National Poetry Month

I’m one of those moms who puts a note in my child’s lunchbox every day.  This month, I decided Isabelle was not going to get regular notes. Instead, she’d get a poem every day of the month, in honor of National Poetry Month, that she brings lunch to school.

I pulled out a variety of poetry books and combed the web for cute kids’ poems.  Next, I opened up the Vanilla Pen app and got to work.  Here’s a look at what I created (some are prettier than others):

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE.  My personal favorite is located on the bottom right.  It's includes a reminder that she has to leave early from school for a dental appointment. Ha!
CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE. My personal favorite is located on the bottom right. It’s includes a reminder that she has to leave early from school for a dental appointment. Ha!

In honor of the first day of National Poetry Month AND the lunchbox poem series I’m hosting for Isabelle, here’s a peek at a favorite Eve Merriam poem that seemed perfect for Isabelle’s lunch today:

IMG_0651 (1)
Click on the image to enlarge.


I’m not sure what Isabelle will think of her month of poems. I hope her teachers won’t mind reading something a bit longer than my usual notes every day this month.

I’ve long had the idea of putting together a book (I envision it as the kind of book a publisher like Workman would take on.) of 180 Lunchbox Poems (for every day of the school year).  I’m not sure if a publisher would ever want to produce a book like this, which would include kid-friendly poems on sheets that parents could tare-out on a perforation and easily stick in their child’s lunch.  All I know is that the permissions process would be enormous!  For now, I’ll just stick with lunchbox poems for my own child.


13 thoughts on “Lunchbox Poems for National Poetry Month

  1. I love the idea of sharing a poem everyday with your daughter! I’m 43 years old and I remember that my mom used to put notes in my lunch everyday in the fourth grade. I changed schools that year. I wish I’d kept some of those notes. It’s a memory I’ll always cherish. You’re creating that for Isabelle!!! I’d buy that book!!! (And I don’t even have kids!) 🙂 So glad you’re posting with us for #digipoetry.

    1. Thanks! I’m trying my best. (BTW: When I debriefed with her at the end of the day, she said it’s not possible to eat a poem. Well, at least I know she didn’t eat the paper today’s note was printed on!)

  2. I think this idea is wonderful, Stacey, for a published book as well as for Isabelle’s own lunches. Maybe it will give her teachers some ideas, too? I wrote notes to my daughter & our family wrote notes all the time to each other. I still have a few saved from way back! Delightful to see!

    1. The notes never come home (and neither did today’s poem). Speaking of things that didn’t come home, neither did the top to her cheese container.

      Thanks for the vote of approval on the poetry book. It’s something I might pursue once Craft Moves is in circulation. Until then, I don’t have any spare time.

  3. Stacey, your idea is a wonderful one. My mother used to put a note in my daughter and son’s lunches each day and they loved it. (She lived with us.) The app looks like a good one.

  4. I wrote notes on a napkin for my daughter, Katie, every day until she graduated from high school. It was bittersweet when I wrote the last one on her last day. I think a book of lunchbox poems is a wonderful idea! I love that your daughter will be celebrating Poetry Month with a little love from you. 🙂

  5. Oh, I love it! I was wondering who was going to read those poems to her! How sweet … and interesting the poems are not returned — they look beautiful with your new app purchase! 🙂 A book of poems for little lunches? Yes please! (But I’d need two copies!) Thanks for sharing!

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