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Looking Back on the Month That Was

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I’ve written for 31 days in a row, but since I started on Feb. 28th, not March 1st, I felt compelled to write ONE MORE SLICE OF LIFE post for the month of March. (I don’t want anyone saying I didn’t complete the challenge!)

So, thanks to some inspiration from Linda Baie, I looked back on the month that was March 2015.  Here are snippets from each of my slice of life blog posts, from 2/28 – 3/30:

  •  I will be the one polishing her toes since I’m not about to pay for Isabelle to have a pedicure!
  • “May you leave–” she paused.  She knew that wasn’t right. “Can you leave me alone?”  She stopped again.  “Can you leave please?”
  • Once I dropped Isabelle off at school I raced to the supermarket to pick up the jalapeno pepper I forgot to buy for tonight’s dinner.
  • We have come SO FAR.
  • Isabelle refuses to eat chicken.  Guess what I’m supposed to make tonight?  Chicken.
  • “I DO not like egg muffins,” she parroted back.
  • Reading that reminded me I am not a cruise director.
  • My heart breaks./She’s fearful/of making a mistake./One day/I hope she finds freedom/to use her voice/in prayer/and/in song.
  • You can’t scare the hiccups out of yourself, silly!”
  •  “Do you like comedy?” I asked my husband as he brushed his teeth in our bathroom.
  •  And as of today, she’s been using a “big girl grip” for a week straight!
  •  Gwace’s mommy let her weah a tutu.
  •  Soaring in the air/With a gentle breeze/In your face/Noticing your/Giggles as you/Soar in the air
  •  The “save the purple” mentality continues.
  • Lesson learned.  Sometimes I have to butt out!
  • “Well… the problem is that I don’t need them.”
  • I didn’t run after you today because I am SO. TIRED. OF. RUNNING. AFTER. YOU.
  • “It’s written by Candace Fleming and illustrated by G. Brian Karas.  It’s the same author and illustrator as Clever Jack Takes the Cake.”  I paused.  Then I tried to close the deal.  “You love Clever Jack, don’t you?”
  • I’ll say “hi” to people as we walk into her preschool in the morning.  She’ll tell me, “Don’t say hi. I not say ‘hi’.”  I respond with “Well, that’s a bad choice.”  She doesn’t seem to care because she sees it bothers me.
  • “Jerry wanted to hurt Tom because he was chasing him.”
  • Tonight I asked her “Do you want me to sing ‘HaMalach HaGoel’ or ‘Erev Shel Shoshanim’ before I tuck you in?”  It took her awhile to decide since she wanted BOTH.
  • Casey/Warm Snuggly/Resting Breathing Sleeping/Sweet First Birthday Girl/Niece
  • Tonight, we found ourselves prolonging our shopping trip so Isabelle could watch the show in the singing dairy products.
  • “But it’s yaw eye cweam!” she insisted.
  • “Why is the Rabbi here?”
  • It is so hard to talk about death without scaring a young child.  I want to say the right thing, but I’m not sure there is a right answer.
  • “But I don’t wanna be scratched!”
  • 30 minutes after we started reading together, we were at peace with one another.
  • When I overhear Isabelle sing the songs she refuses to sing at synagogue, in the quiet of her room, I’ve found my happy.
  • Season passes! At Hersheypark!
  • [W]e attended story time in “The Vault.”
Head over to  for more slices of life.
Head over to for more slices of life.

3 thoughts on “Looking Back on the Month That Was

  1. I remember most of them, Stacey, and laughed again at some, like that remark to your husband in the bathroom: “Do you like comedy?” So many moments make a life! Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Oh, I love this way you reflected! I kind of want to go back and do it myself when I’m rested again. I kept a calendar on my fridge with all the titles so my boys could see that Mommy did her homework every night too! I had some favs up there myself; I loved the tutu slice and the one with the chocolate chips on the lunch tray. Those kick-started things for me. Your girl is excellent subject matter… congrats on finishing!

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