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Soaring in the air

With a gentle breeze

In your face

Noticing your

Giggles as you

Soar in the air

I used Waterlogue to alter this photo of Isabelle playing on one of three types of swings at the playground today



If you’re in the mood for listening to the kiddo’s giggles, then click here or here to watch two short videos of her on the swings.


13 thoughts on “Swings

    1. BTW – I have just spend about a half and hour playing around with the Waterlogue app! So cool – thanks for sharing it! I don’t like posting my girls pictures online and this makes it possible in such a cool way!

  1. I love this poem. It brought me back to the times when my kids would let me push them on the swings. Now they just want to do it by themselves, but the sound of giggles are the best on a nice spring day!

  2. I forget about the Waterlogue app, now I will have to use it sometime this month (thanks for the nudge in that direction). Acrostic is another thing I don’t think of right away, but I love the challenge of creating with them (another nudge). Love the sounds of the giggles of fun.

  3. I love how the first and last lines repeat. The first shows great motion; the last brings it to a close. This is something I am learning in my own writing: when to use the “-ing” and when to make my writing less “-ing.” Thanks for showing me new possibilities.

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