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Music to My Educator Ears

It snowed a whopping two inches overnight from Sunday into Monday. I assumed my daughter’s school would have a delayed opening when my husband came in from shoveling, rather than snow blowing our driveway. But then, I got an e-mail from my daughter’s school. Like so many other schools in the local area, they had gone from a delay to a closure.

Isabelle was already dressed from head to toe. She was wearing her woolies so she could play outside at recess and even had her bow in her coiffed curls. I knew she wouldn’t take it well when I broke the news about the cancelation to her. What I didn’t know is that she would cry.

That’s right. My kid, daughter and granddaughter of educators, cried when she heard school was canceled. Her exact words were:

Why is preschool closed? I wanna go to school. I’m disappointed!

Tears sprang from her eyes, her cheeks turned red, and a pout stayed on her face for awhile as she repeated herself over and over. I promised her a fun day. I promised her she’d go outside. I promised her she’d play with the neighborhood kids. It seemed she didn’t want to hear my promises… she just wanted to go to school!

There was lots of playing yesterday. We even made valentines for her little friends. (And, I got a head-start on the heart crayons I plan to attach to the valentines.) But all day I couldn’t shake the fact that she wanted to go to school rather than stay home. I hope her enthusiasm for learning and seeing her peers is always as strong as it was yesterday.


13 thoughts on “Music to My Educator Ears

  1. Stacey, this would touch my educator-heart, too! What a blessing, really, to have her love school so much. Let’s all hope and pray that stays with her long into her adult life!

    P.S. – Love the crayons!!

  2. It is so wonderful how much Isabelle loves school!! She has come so far being able to use language to express herself. I can just imagine from your story how sad she was. I absolutely love how the principal from Rhode Island used song to announce no school!!

  3. I’ve noticed my 4th grade daughter, who enjoys her days off, and tells me she’d rather be home, never gives me any problems actually going to school. More than an attitude, I think it tells me the school is creating a positive environment for my child!

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