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ONE Way to Feel Young & Then Old

I thought I’d be at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia with my family today.  Instead I’m here:

Sitting on the couch with an ice pack on my right knee.


I took Isabelle to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park, yesterday. She’s been there before, but this time I decided I’d join her for a half hour of jumping. Besides, if I jumped with her in the morning, I’d have the afternoon free for working on my book.  Perfect!

Isabelle and I held hands as we walked to the main court jumping area. We found trampolines side-by-side and started jumping.  A smile spread across her face as we jumped high up in the air together.  A minute or two passed and I was feeling pretty comfortable with jumping up and down so I decided to try out some basic trampoline tricks from my gymnastics days (which were 30 years ago!).  I tucked my legs as I jumped into the air.  I did some mid-air splits.  I even sat down in an L-shape and then got back up.  I impressed myself and made my four year-old laugh with delight.

Processed with MoldivI was dripping with sweat and exhausted at the end of the half-hour, .  My mom, who watched the two of us from the sidelines, remarked on how great I was.  I felt pretty great, albeit tired.  And besides, Isabelle and I didn’t squabble about anything for an entire half-hour.  When I told her it was time to go, she left willingly.  It was like parenting magic.

By the time I drove the three of us home and unloaded Isabelle from the car, I was feeling achy.  “I’m going to eat lunch and take a bath in Epson salt,” I announced to my husband.  I soaked for almost a half hour, but was still sore.  So I laid down in bed (so much for the work I wanted to do!).  He brought me Aleve.  Nothing seemed to help.  Pain was searing from my hips to my knees and down to my feet.

I iced myself last night and then I’ve had ice on-and-off of my body today.  While my hip feels better, my knee is incredibly sore.  I feel like an 87 year-old woman!

My father says I should’ve known.  After all, I have neck, back, and shoulder issues, I should’ve known better than to jump on a trampoline. I tried to explain that nothing hurt while I was jumping, but he still thinks it was a bad idea.  And I guess he was right since I’m paying for it today.

I’ve come to believe this: Nothing will make you feel younger than jumping on a trampoline next to your four year-old.  But I’ve also learned that nothing will make you feel older than the after effects of jumping on a trampoline next to your preschool-age child!

Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.
Head over to on Tuesday for more slices of life.

25 thoughts on “ONE Way to Feel Young & Then Old

  1. I could just picture you trying out all of the old tricks once again! I was relieved to see that you did not fall or come down on your knee wrong while doing a trick since we knew based on your title and the intro picture how it was going to end up (that was a fun way to set up your slice). I hope that you are feeling better soon.

  2. Oh no!!! I hope those aches and pains magically disappear…and soon! I love the picture of you and Isabelle jumping up and down. There’s something about a trampoline that is so irresistible! Feel better soon!! (By the way, my grandmother used to say that epsom salts cured everything!)

  3. Hoping for a quick recovery! I had a similar experience this Friday night–I went out dancing with two girlfriends just like I was in college again, but soon realized on Saturday morning (and afternoon, and evening, and Sunday) that my joints are no longer 20 years old!

  4. Love this Stacey. I sometimes fool myself into thinking I can still do things I was able to when I was 30. My body tells me otherwise. However, you had a great time with your daughter so what’s a little bit (OK, a lot-a-bit) of pain?

  5. Stacey, I don’t know whether to keep laughing at the thought of you jumping on that trampoline or shake my head since you’re not 10 years old anymore!! I would have done the exact same thing – jumped like a kid – and I probably would have felt the exact same way after – like an almost 40 year old woman!

  6. Ha. We have a SkyZone where we live too and while I’m open to taking the kids there, I don’t think I’ll be jumping! I’d rather be a spectator. But at least you had fun in the moment! 🙂
    PS We took the kids to the Please Touch Museum two summers ago–what a great place! Very hard to get them to leave.

  7. So Sorry – I have done that – maybe the 1/2 hour of jumping was a bit much for a first time out. Age makes a big difference I have discovered. Maybe try jumping for 10 minutes next time. As Tara says – she will indeed remember you went jumping with her!

  8. Pain will subside, memories will last forever. I had to laugh at this story because a friend and I told another friend that we were taking her to a trampoline park for her birthday. She could jump, we would watch. Hope you are better soon.

  9. Jumping on the trampoline is fun. The aftermath not so much. I have found that swinging also makes one feel young, and it doesn’t hurt. I hope you feel better soon.

  10. She will only remember the jumping! Hips and knees only get worse I am sorry to say –be careful!!! I fractured my hip training for a marathon (and not listening to my body) and wound up on crutches for 12 weeks. NO HEELS for at least two weeks!!

  11. Ouch!
    The feeling of going from 8 to 80 years old was a great lead in. I’m sure you have no real idea what it may be like to be 80. I watch my 86 year old mother heroically do a simple task — the 80’s aren’t easy for most.
    Do take good care!

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