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There is such a thing as too many stuffed animals!

Cozy? I wouldn't be.
Cozy? I wouldn’t be.

“Only three stuffed animals may sleep in bed with you.”

That’s what I told Isabelle when she got a big girl bed.  And for a good two or three weeks, that rule was followed.  But slowly, slowly, very slowly, more stuffies found their way to her bed for nap time and bed time.  At first it was four.  Then the number crept up to five.  By the time she insisted on bringing six furry creatures to bed, I threw up my hands and remembered the to pick my battles.

But now, NOW, things are getting out of hand.  Now Isabelle lines up her animals just-so every night.  Each of them has a spot on the bed.  Most of the time she lays them face-down since she sleeps on her tummy.  But tonight, she flipped them on to their backs as she methodically laid them across her bed.

“Where are you going to sleep?” I inquired.

She pointed to a spot on the far edge of the bed next to the guard rail.  “Right here,” she replied.

“That’s not enough space for you.”

She gave me a look.  A look that said, yes-it-is, I-know-better, and C’mon-Mom all rolled into one.

I sighed.  At least the other half of the stuffed animals were sitting in a heap on her glider tonight.

After a few careful maneuvers, Isabelle wriggled herself in-between Corduroy and Nugget, while tucking Lynnie bear under her arm.  None of the animals were crushed or laid-upon.  I don’t know how she would want to lay like that, but in order to avoid a toddler tantrum, I buttoned my lip, covered her with a blanket, and kissed her good-night.

A half hour has passed since I tucked her in.  I just checked her on the monitor.  Guess what?  She’s not sleeping yet.  Perhaps there is such a thing as too many stuffed animals!

Head over to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com on Tuesday for more slices of life.
Head over to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com on Tuesday for more slices of life.

19 thoughts on “There is such a thing as too many stuffed animals!

  1. Somewhere, I have this great picture of my older boys (who were much younger then) sitting in a room completely surrounding by all of their stuffed animals, with huge smiles on their faces. Most had names. Some had specific memories. But my wife and I were always saying, “tidy up your animals!”
    Then, it was baseball cards.
    “Put these cards into piles and tidy up your room.”
    Now, they are teenagers and they still have a stuffed animal or two floating around their rooms and closets …. don’t tell anyone, OK?

  2. I love that she lines them up, so organized! We have a similar issue with “loveys” or “puppies” and Gigi calls them. First one, then two, then next thing you know the bed is a mountain of them with a toddler on top. I dread the big bed.

  3. “Mama, I have all my doggies right here.” And he meant ALL his doggies. He also sleeps with 3 pillows. Kevin speaks truth. With my 10 year old it’s books. I find them under in stacks under his pillow. (Who can sleep that way?)

  4. My daughter was convinced that her animals played in the middle of the night, so she kept some with her in case they wanted to invite her too. So funny, Stacey, & you’re right, must pick the battles.

  5. Oh my gosh! That was me as a kid. I had every stuffed animal in bed with me. And I was older than Isabelle when I did it. I remember, I didn’t want anyone’s feelings hurt by being left out. (I associated all of my animals with the people who gave them to me.) My mom never said a thing. I found a way and eventually allowed myself to move some of my animals to other positions so I could sleep. I bet Isabelle will figure that out too!

  6. Ha! I was that kid until I was about 5th grade. Now, i sleep diagonally between my two dogs. Just giving you a heads up: as she grows older it might not get better, but she might find more creative solutions.

  7. HAHA. Well, I suppose she doesn’t want anyone to feel lonely! When my niece was small, she slept with books under her pillow. My kids choose a different stuffy every night, but some nights they forget. Spencer likes to have a pillow on his head! It frightens me, and I have to move it after he’s mostly asleep.

  8. I love that you are letting her resolve this on her own. Maybe she could have a special “lovey” basket under her bed for the (potential) overflow? It is adorable that she organizes them just so.

  9. Ummmm…picture book in the making??? Isabelle reminds me SO much of one of my girls. She also talked late and she had to methodically set up her bed every night. The babysitters thought I was crazy because my directions would include the order of Julia’s blankets. She’s still particular, but does very well. 🙂 I love your writing in this post, Stacey. You have so captured the scene!

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