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Straight Ticket

I may or may not have brainwashed my child today.

I took Isabelle to the polls with me. She was having trouble saying “voting booth” when I explained what we were about to do. So, I tried another combination of words to practice.

IMG_9852-2“Vote Democrat.”

She repeated the words after me several times, not knowing what they really meant. And even though she didn’t know what it really meant, I got her to do it anyway! That is, I let her press the “straight ticket” button in the voting booth. Then, I put her down so she could register her (MY) vote.

After we left, she said that she wanted to go back again. That was music to my ears. I explained that she could come back anytime there is a primary or general election. She can’t wait!


Later in the day she was talking to my mom and out of left field she said, “Vote Democrat.” I guess my little morning message stuck. Brainwashing or early voter education? Let’s say it’s the latter!



15 thoughts on “Straight Ticket

  1. I always took my kids with me when they were home on election day, which probably explains why I woke up this morning to a flurry of texts informing me of voting plans and places! That being said, I am so nervous about this election – we could well be turning back the clock on civil rights and women’s issues for many years to come.

  2. Too funny that she remembered the “vote Democrat” phrase. We don’t have electronic machines for voting here, so she would need to color in the lines to make the arrow solid. Could that be more fun?

  3. Funny, Stacey, & all right with me, but others may wonder! I always took the kids too, & in the presidential races, if I could make it work, I took a busload of students to a polling place nearby so they could see how it worked if they’d never been. Exciting to be a part of it. But like Tara, I’m worried about our election too, here in CO. Cross your fingers!

  4. We know that voting like many behaviors is a learned behavior! Good work mom! I waiting 4 hours in line with Hope to vote in the last Presidential election and have been taking her to see candidates to speak since she was 8 months old. The education she receives will never be taken away from her!

  5. This is so funny, Stacey! I love the idea of Isabelle running around telling her preschool friends to “vote Democrat.” Ha ha ha ha. You’re sure building up her language skills and schema!

  6. I’m all in for this kind of brainwashing. πŸ™‚ I took my kids this evening to the polls… I always feel like I’m doing a little extra citizenship when I bring my kids… and I hope they remember to exercise their right when they are old enough. πŸ™‚

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