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Nothing is predictable. #toddlers

Shades are closed, blankets are on, and Teddy is close. Hoping for the best for today’s (and everyday’s) nap time!

You would think that 3.5+ years into this parenting thing that I would’ve realized there’s no such thing as a predictable day.  Let’s be honest, I know that, but as a believer in self-fulfilling prophecies, I like to think about things the way I want them to go (rather than how they might actually go).

Take my daughter’s daily naps.  She was napping two – three hours/day over the summer. There were occasional days when she wouldn’t nap, but it was very rare. I was loving every minute of nap time since it was solid time I counted on to accomplish work daily. Therefore, I figured I’d be gaining an extra three hours on the days she went to preschool, thereby increasing my productivity.

I had the whole thing planned out, too! Drop her off at preschool, write at home OR work in a local school doing my mentor text work with small groups, pick her up at noon, come home for lunch, play with her for a bit, and put her down for a nap and then write.  But I must’ve known it wasn’t going to work out quite that way since my first day in a school is next Wednesday, 9/17.  I figured this was a good way to ease into things.

And it would’ve been if Isabelle had decided to nap last week.  But sure enough, we went three consecutive days without her taking a nap.  I was supposed to be gaining time to work, not having it taken away from me!  But silly me… I had forgotten that when you have kids rarely do things go as planned!

I’m happy to say Isabelle napped for the past two days.  I’m hoping she keeps up this streak today. After all, she spent three hours at preschool and then played outside after lunch. She should be exhausted! But I’m approaching my afternoon with cautious optimism since nothing is ever predictable when you have a toddler around. Nothing.

For those of you who’d like a preschool update, I’m happy to report Isabelle is enjoying school so far! I’m a little fuzzy on the details of her day every day, but I know she’s having fun, likes her teachers, and wants to go every day!
Head over to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com on Tuesday for more slices of life.
Head over to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com on Tuesday for more slices of life.



9 thoughts on “Nothing is predictable. #toddlers

  1. The grand-girls are still napping, & I know that my daughter & son-in-law count on it. But now that Ingrid started kdg, she needs ‘not’ to nap, so it’s been tough, & she’s extra tired when she gets home, but doing better. Now they’ve just adjusted the bedtimes. When Isabelle gets into the new routine maybe the naps will return, Stacey? I agree with you, little ones are unpredictable! Actually, even the older ones are, too!

  2. Raising a toddler son, I couldn’t resist reading your post 🙂 I begrudgingly gave up my son’s nap time, but now he has an earlier bed time, so I try to make up for it then. Although, most days, I’m so exhausted by his bed time, that I’m not as productive. But, they do get more independent, so hang in there!

  3. I remember walking into my sister’s house and seeing my great-nephew (her grandson) walking down the stairs. He was maybe 21/2-3….whatever. I said, “Jackson…how are you doing?” and he said…”I just had a nice little nap time.” My sister walks into the room and I told her how cute that was…’a nice little nap time.’ With that, she looked at Jackson and said, “Your nice little nap time began five minutes ago. Let’s go back up and try again.” I love reading about your daughter…and I am so glad she is doing well in pre-school.

  4. Ah, those naps. Yes, I too have become a little too reliant on that nap time! And when I need that time the most, it doesn’t always happen.

    Funny thing … my girls did not want to take naps this summer, but I know they still needed that rest to reenergize, so I compromised on every other day. Now that they are back at school (aka day care), they nap every day (school rule) and now they come home loving that they are taking naps! (That’s their “one good” from the day: “We took a nap today!”)

    Talk about UNpredictable! And one would think toddlers would be more exhausted from all the learning and social interacting at school! I know I am! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. “But silly me… I had forgotten that when you have kids rarely do things go as planned!” – I believe all moms reading this are nodding. It’s great that Isabelle likes going to preschool. Thinking back to Mimm being a toddler – I think I was better at napping than she was. I still am.

  6. Nap time. My kids never napped, and I always envied my friends who had children who napped regularly. On second thought, kids and regular rarely go hand in hand, do they?! You just have to catch breaks when you can. So glad that Isabelle is enjoying school.

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