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Sometimes the right book comes along…

Isabelle's favorite pages in Harper's book.
Isabelle’s favorite pages in Harper’s book.

…to teach your child a concept they need to know.  And sometimes that book has been sitting in your house — for months — just waiting to be discovered.  And when it gets read for the first time, giggles ensue.  It becomes a fast favorite.  Shouts of “read this page again” are heard.  And that’s when you know the book you’ve found is going to be at the top of your child’s book stack for awhile.

I grabbed Go! Go! Go! Stop! by Charise Mericle Harper which delighted Isabelle to no end. She’s heard it read aloud at least three times today (before lunch and before bedtime).  She has been trying to imitate the words “Go!” (Easy for her.)  and “Stop!” (That st- blend is challenging. Plus the /p/ is voiceless.) when she hears it, which makes for great speech practice. PLUS, she now understands the purpose of traffic lights, including that yellow stands for slow down.

I thought we were just reading a book, but it turns out she learned the concept of green means go and red means stop today.  Not bad!

7 thoughts on “Sometimes the right book comes along…

  1. I’ll need to get this book, Stacey. With Ingrid, she loves Margaret Wise Brown’s Red Light, Green Light, but now it’s time for Imi, a different character altogether. Love that Isabelle was so giggly through the book-now I can’t wait to read it! Thanks!

  2. Stacie,
    That sounds like a great book. I know some other girls that will want it right before they begin “driving school”! Your Isabelle stories are priceless! Feels like I’m right there in the room!

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