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Ten Things Right Now – Late Summer Edition

Taking Isabelle and her friend Molly for a spin on the teacups at Hersheypark (yesterday).
Taking Isabelle and her friend Molly for a spin on the teacups at Hersheypark (yesterday).

“You’re not going for pizza today,” I said in a matter of fact tone as we walked out of speech therapy.

Isabelle’s body halted. I saw her lower lip tremble as she pulled Teddy closer to her body. “Why?” (Yes, she asks why questions now. And believe it or not, as a mom who waited so long to hear her speak, I LOVE every question she asks.)

“Because you threw your Special K on the floor at breakfast. I gave you a warning and told you to fix your table manners.  And then you swung your fork around, which could’ve gotten you hurt. That’s why we’re not going for pizza.”

I felt terrible since she worked so hard at music therapy and speech therapy this morning.  However, I was being consistent.  Therefore, I felt terrible, yet consistent.  So I added, “If you eat properly at breakfast tomorrow and you do your work with Ms. Marie and Ms. Mandy, then I will take you for pizza tomorrow.”

Her eyes lit up. “I behave tomorrow.”

“You know the right thing to do,” I said. “I know you will do it.”

Well, at least I hope she’ll do it.

This conversation repeated itself on our way out of the parking lot when she asked, “Where I going now?”  I wanted to say, I JUST TOLD YOU, but instead I said, “you tell me where we’re going now. Think back to what we talked about a few minutes ago.”  And she did.

As I made the left turn out of the parking lot I decided it was time to write down ten things about Isabelle right now.  She’s about so much more than intensive speech therapy and constant toddler testing.

Part of Isabelle's playlist.
Part of Isabelle’s playlist.

When I got back home, I looked over the 10 Things Right Now post I wrote in late October 2013. And then I wrote this:

  1. You have an eclectic taste in music.  For instance, you like brushing your teeth to James Brown, Frank Sinatra, and Raffi. How much more eclectic can one get?
  2. Your favorite color is purple. You don’t play around when you’re in the mood for an all-purple day. There are days you dress in purple from head to toe: bow, shirt, underwear, shorts, and shoes. My gosh — even your school backpack is purple!
  3. You’re obsessed with “the purple thing” at Hersheypark, which is one of the scariest roller coasters I’ve ever seen. You’re too short to go on it, but you want everyone else to go on it. Whenever you see it from around town you yell, “I see purple thing!”
  4. You love to hear stories before your afternoon nap and at bedtime. Your favorites, right now, seem to be Blueberries for Sal, New York Baby, and Starry Night, Hold Me Tight. Again, eclectic!
  5. Speaking of read alouds, you tend to ask the same questions time after time when I read books aloud to you. At first I’d answer you back (with practically the same answer every time). But now I’ve changed my tune. I’m constantly asking you, “What do you think?”
  6. Whenever you finish one of your therapy appointments you always say, “I wanna do somethin’ fun!” I often oblige by taking you to a playground, out for a simple lunch, or to Chocolate World. However, sometimes we have to do errands. You don’t like errands… you prefer “something fun.”  On those days when we’re running to the UPS Store, to Giant, and to Target, I have to tell you, “not every day is filled with something fun.” I wish it could be like that, though, since I know you work way harder than the average three year-old since you have to go to OT and speech!
  7. You selectively subscribe to the toddler code. While you are better at sharing and turn-taking than the average toddler, you draw the line when it comes to certain things: like your Little People. Those are off-limits for sharing!
  8. You carry your teddy bear, aptly named Teddy, everywhere. He attended family weddings in North Carolina and Washington, DC this summer. You bring him to appointments. He even came with us the day you got your most recent big girl haircut!  You love Teddy, but let me be honest… Teddy needs a bath!
  9. One of the few times Isabelle actually sat still at the Senators game we attended this past weekend.
    One of the few times Isabelle actually sat still at the Senators game we attended this past weekend.

    You continue to have firsts that we’re so proud of — like the first time you try a new food or first time you say a word correctly. The other night you attended your first baseball game. Daddy and I LOVE baseball so we were really excited to take you, but you were more interested in the people around us than in the game. Maybe you’ll be ready for another game in a couple of years. Until then, we’re just happy we found out you weren’t quite ready for a game by taking you to a minor league game. (Boy would we have been sour if we spent a lot of money on tickets to a Yankees game.)

  10. You give the best hugs. You squeeze me very close and pat me on the back.  Your hugs alone make me feel like I am loved, but when you tell me “I wuv you,” my heart melts — every time.


Head over to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com on Tuesday for more slices of life.
Head over to http://twowritingteachers.wordpress.com on Tuesday for more slices of life.




13 thoughts on “Ten Things Right Now – Late Summer Edition

  1. This is such a great idea! Children change so much so quickly. My second (and last) daughter is heading off to college in less than two weeks and my oldest is starting her senior year. Capturing who they are right now would be a wonderful way to celebrate those milestones.

  2. I wish I had thought of such a great way to chronicle my boys in their growing up years. There is something so accessible about lists. I loved this post, Stacey. What a special gift for her someday to, to remember who she was, and wrap herself in your love along the way.

  3. This is just beautiful and I think it is my favorite piece you have ever written about Isabelle. I hope you save it for her. It is really great to learn so much about her.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I definitely will.

      My Dad read it and couldn’t believe I wouldn’t take her for pizza yesterday. I told him it was more than just the Special K. At any rate — an update — I took her to decorate cupcakes at the Hotel Hershey’s sweet shop after she had speech and OT this morning. (And we had Margherita pizza for lunch.)

  4. That’s a great list and an even great strategy. I would be right with Isabelle at the game. I was much more interested in everything but the game. 🙂

  5. These are lists that will remind you of all the little thing that matter now, but are so easily forgotten as time passes. She is growing to be a literate human being.

  6. Stacey,
    Thanks for sharing this list about Isabelle. It’s wonderful to hear about her progress even though its not forward progress every single day! And what a treat for her today – decorating cupcakes and pizza!

    Ah, the perils of parenting! 🙂

  7. I enjoyed this list and the reminder of how posts like these can be powerful to capture life right now. It seems like a means to celebrate what is happening and it’s such great documentation for the future as well.

  8. #5: That’s our house too. Same question at the same spot in all the favourite books! I think Claire loves it when I turn it around and ask her for the answer. She always responds with the same answer I have given her. Three is a great age!

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