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Observing Through the One-Way Mirror

I watch
Earbuds in ears
To my hard-working daughter
And her patient speech therapist
As they work together to help her
With her words.
She does better
Without me in the room.
While that was tough to swallow
At first
It is so nice to listen & watch
What she is capable of doing.
She has come so far in the past year,
But as I listen-in
I am reminded
Yet again
Of how much further she has to go.


11 thoughts on “Observing Through the One-Way Mirror

  1. When I read your post, I think of the Eve Merriam poem that ends with the line, “It takes a lot of slow to grow.” Sometimes it’s so hard to be a mom and be that patient.

  2. Here’s the poem, in case you want it.

    A Lazy Thought

    By Eve Merriam

    There go the grownups
    To the office,
    To the store.
    Subway rush,
    Traffic crush;
    Hurry, scurry,
    Worry, flurry.

    No wonder
    Grown ups
    Don’t grow up
    Any more.
    It takes a lot
    Of slow
    To grow.

  3. I love both poems! We’ve been doing speech therapy for about 18 months now, and it is good to remember how far we’ve come. It seems as though my little boy is going to need some therapy as well, so I am glad I have that perspective now. It’s frustrating for all of us sometimes, especially when I get caught making comparisons with peers. However, it does take “a lot of slow to grow”! I’m going to put that poem in my classroom.

  4. You’re so good at always seeing Isabelle’s progress, Stacey. I see you celebrating it all the time. It’s alright to take a minute to acknowledge the road ahead. It’s a journey, but she’ll get there.

  5. You’ve conveyed so much in a few words here.Your poem is beautiful and communicates such a range of emotions. I think Isabelle is lucky to have you for her mom. We, your writing community, are lucky that you trust us enough to share some of the experiences in your journey.

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