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Unreliable Alarm Clock

I dream about sleeping-in on the weekends. (Pun intended!) That never happens.  Even if my husband gets up with Isabelle, I’m inevitably awaken by 7:00 a.m. since I hear her.

So wouldn’t you know that Isabelle chose a Thursday, a Thursday when we have school, to sleep past her “alarm clock.” (We don’t set the alarm. She has an OK to Wake alarm clock, which turns green when it’s okay for her to call for us.)

And she didn’t wake up a mere 15 minutes past the time her clock turns green. No, no. She didn’t wake up ’til 8:00 a.m!

So what did I do? I watched “CBS This Morning,” did some extra stretches, took my time with my makeup, and ate a leisurely breakfast. She began stirring at 7:54 a.m., which was about the time I started cleaning my breakfast dishes (and freaking out about how we’d get to school by 9:00 a.m.)

Here’s what her wake-up sounded like (As you’ll hear, she was perplexed by why the clock wasn’t green!):

Maybe she’ll wake up at 8:00 a.m. one day this weekend.  Hahaha. Who am I kidding? She might’ve been an unreliable alarm clock today, but this child wakes us up no later than 7:00 a.m. nearly every day the rest of the year.  (NOTE: I realize I’ll lament about her late wake-up habits about 10 years from now.)

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Check out the other slice of life stories at

6 thoughts on “Unreliable Alarm Clock

  1. I just love sharing in your world with your adorable daughter! Thanks for sharing . . . good luck with the weekend sleep in 😉

  2. Not having any children, my reliable alarm when I was working was my cat. 4:30 came and she wanted her canned food, even though there was still hard food in her dish. Weekends meant nothing to her.

  3. I love how you use Soundcloud to capture these little moments with Isabelle. What a sweet wake up song you sing. Isabelle might have slept in but she woke up wondering, Why isn’t the clock green? and What is Mommy doing?

  4. I loved hearing your ‘wake up song’ Stacey. They are mostly like little alarm clocks, aren’t they? Hope you get a few extra z’s once in a while! No one wakes me up now unless Ingrid or Imogene stay over, & I still wake up early. Ah-those early years of sleeping in!

  5. I can so relate! All week long, I have to wake up my little sleepy heads at 6:30 in the morning to get them going. Then the weekend comes and I tell them we don’t have to rush out of the house — “You can sleep in!” Every Friday night, fingers crossed. I’d love to sleep in until 7, at least. And what do you know…I hear the girls chatting it up at 6 am! Love that you got a day to take it slow. And love the recording. I will need to check out that app! 🙂

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