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Chag Purim

Helping Isabelle play one of the games at the Carnival.
Helping Isabelle play one of the games at the Carnival.

The warmth of the room hit me as soon as I walked in.

“You’d think they could make it cooler in here?” I asked my mom as we walked into the Purim Carnival.

Yes, I realize it’s still winter, but 300+ people in one room creates a lot of warmth.  I was hot.  I do NOT like being HOT. (This is the reason I don’t mind wintertime. I don’t like schvitzing!)

I was uncomfortable from the get-go. I tried to put on a happy face so I wouldn’t annoy my parents or spoil Isabelle’s time. But let’s face it, I was HOT.

It didn’t matter if I was helping Isabelle play a game, chatting with friends, or helping her decorate a Purim crown, I was HOT.

We were at the Purim Carnival for a little over an hour when I decided it was time to leave because I felt as sweaty as I do at the end of a 50 minute elliptical workout.  I told my parents to meet Isabelle and I in the hallway, where it was slightly cooler.

While we were out there we saw some friends.  She drank some water. (Why didn’t I do that!?!?) And then, I put her coat on. She was NOT happy about this. She cried. She screamed, “Isabelle no wanna go home!”

I tried explaining that the Carnival was almost over. I tried explaining it was time to eat lunch.  I tried explaining we’d come back to the JCC for the Purim Carnival next year.  (NOTE: I didn’t bother telling her I was burning up. I didn’t think that would do any good.)

No matter what I said, it didn’t suffice. She was mad. She didn’t want to go home. She wanted to stay and play more games.

Halfway to the car my mom informed me, “Didn’t I tell you you could wait outside while Dad and I stayed inside with her?”

“No, you never told me that.”

“Oh, I thought I did.”

“It doesn’t matter now,” I said. “It’s almost over.”

More wails from Isabelle.

Poor thing eventually calmed down once we got home and showed her pictures of all of the games she played. That being said, she’s paying me back for leaving the carnival earlier than expected by not resting in her room for rest time. I told her she needed to stay upstairs ’til 4:00 p.m. My time is almost up!

Anyway, the moral of the story is this: I need to wear a t-shirt to next year’s Purim Carvnial!

Check out the other slice of life stories at
Check out the other slice of life stories at

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