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The Bear Who Came to Dinner

20140315-215038.jpgSchlepp was allowed to come in the car on the way to dinner. But by the time we arrived at the restaurant, Isabelle wanted to take him in with us. While Schlepp is her dear teddy bear who she’s slept with nightly since she turned one year-old, he has only gone out to a restaurant a handful of times.

“I wanna bring Schleppy!” Isabelle said.

“No, Schleppy stays in the car,” I replied.

“Schleppy in dinner!” she demanded.

“No, Izzy,” I said firmly.

“I wanna bring Schleppy in dinner please!”

The articulation wasn’t perfect, but the sentence was pretty spot-on. I had to give her credit for her persistence too.

I took a deep breath. I don’t going back on what I say. In fact, I rarely do it. But I wanted to have a peaceful dinner and if this bear could give that to us, then maybe, just maybe, he could come in! This wasn’t a battle I needed to have. Getting her to be patient while she’d have to wait for her food, for us to finish the meal, and to get up — those were battles were worth having. A battle over a teddy bear was NOT worth having. Not tonight.

“Fine, he can come in,” I said. “But I’m going to carry him through the parking lot because you need to hold my hand.”

“Okay Mommy,” Isabelle smiled.

* * * * *

Schlepp sat atop my handbag, which was under the table, for most of the meal. He really wasn’t needed since Isabelle had crayons and Little People (and the rest of the family). But, right before her food arrived, things looked like they might get a little dicey.

“Tummy hungry!” she said, over and over again.

“Your chicken is coming soon,” I said.

That back and forth happened several times. Finally, I pulled Schelpp out from under the table. She hugged him tightly, while coloring, ’til her food arrived.  And once it came, she hugged him ’til it cooled.

Maybe the bear at dinner wasn’t such a bad idea after all. And maybe, just maybe, it’s another lesson in knowing when to pick your battles.

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Check out the other slice of life stories at

9 thoughts on “The Bear Who Came to Dinner

  1. Picking your battles is right! We have this constant tug of war with my 2 year old over blankies, cuppies, minion hat, choo-choos. I give in too much with bringing the stuff… I just love how you share photos of her and that hair! She’s her own main character in these stories. 🙂

    1. We get through the day by picking the right battles, right?

      Izzy usually never brings anything out of the car with her. Your comment made me think that maybe it was a stand-in for my husband who is out of town til tomorrow for a conference.
      Thanks for the curly compliment. I try to share just enough. 🙂

  2. Fun to hear, and that it worked well, in spite of it’s a new thing. I think little ones have a hard time waiting. We can talk, etc., but they really aren’t much interested.

  3. Looks like everyone won here. I love the “tummy hungry.” That’s much sweeter than when I’m hungry and cranky and people just have to guess why I’m being evil.

  4. welllll She did say “please” momma! I love her curls! And you know what? I’ll bet every patron in that place said “what a sweet well behaved little girl.” A teddy bear at dinner is well worth no battle and no tears!

  5. Looks like she knew what was best this time…and as you said before…maybe Teddy was a substitute for here Daddy. Picking your battle is so wise…in all parts of life. Thanks for the reminder. Jackie

  6. We had bears to dinner – and porcupines, rabbits, Eeyore, and Piglet, too. What ever it took to have a nice meal out made by someone else and cleaned up by someone else, I would bring along a menagerie to accomplish that!

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