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Marc shows Isabelle the map on the end pages of Catching Kisses.

Fridays are supposed to be a happy time around here.  Daddy is supposed to be home for the weekend.  The three of us are supposed to have an abundance of family time.  But this Friday morning felt like any given Monday morning since Daddy was going away.

I followed Isabelle into our bedroom where my husband was packing to go on a business trip.  She came alongside him and inquired about his suitcase. That’s when he dropped the news: “Daddy is going away for the weekend.”

“No! I miss my Daddy!”

“Come here,” he said as he moved towards his night table to retrieve one of Isabelle’s favorite bedtime books.

He removed Catching Kisses from the pile. She plodded towards him. He picked her up on the bed. They sat beside each other.

“Daddy is going to Chicago this weekend.” Then, he opened to the inside back cover of the book and showed her the map of the United States we examine after read aloud of Catching Kisses.  “This is where Chicago is,” he said pointing to the dot, icon, and name of Chicago on the map on the end pages. “This is where we live,” he said pointing to the space west of the New York and Washington, DC dots.  “I’ll be back from Chicago on Sunday.”

I stood there, kvelling at the way my husband used a favorite read aloud book to show Isabelle where he’d be going.  And then I heard:

“I wanna go ‘Cago too!” Isabelle declared.

Daddy had to explain what a business trip meant.  Daddy had to explain she wasn’t going to be joining him.  Daddy had to explain she’d have fun with mommy and the other family members coming to town for the weekend.

“I miss my Daddy!” Isabelle said when he finished talking.

“I’m going to miss him too,” I added.

And then I joined them for a hugs and kisses (How could you not when the you used Catching Kisses?) on the bed.

This weekend is one of the 2-4 times per year he misses a weekend at home to attend a conference.  2 – 4 weekends away per year isn’t a lot when you’re an adult, but when you’re three years-old it seems like 2 – 4 weekends too many.


15 thoughts on “‘Cago

  1. Yes, 2 or 3 weekends can seem like eternity, can’t it? But as it goes, she’ll understand more. What a sweet thing he did, using the book. Maybe it will become the goodbye book? Like when grandparents leave, too. Thanks Stacey, I always enjoy hearing what’s going on with Isabelle!

  2. Yes…when you are little, every hour is an eternity. The interaction you captured is a great one. Isabelle is so perceptive and you are indeed both going to be OK even if your missing of Dad is palpable tonight.

  3. In this piece Stacey you drew your readers into the intimacy of the moment. You wrote close the subject and I felt you took me with you. It was Mary Ellen Giacobbe who wrote many years ago” in the most predictable environments, the most unexpected things can happen.’ This was a special moment for your family. Thank you for sharing it so effectively through your writing.

  4. What a beautiful way for “Daddy” to share the news of his trip! You captured this intimate moment perfectly! I really was moved by your story. I am so thrilled that “Daddy” was able to relate his trip to Catching Kisses. He has come a long way thanks to your coaching. I am so proud of both of you!

  5. One sweet little moment between your daughter and husband…that you got to watch and then join. How great. I love that your husband picked up that book! I am also going to use that word; “kvelling” one day. I absolutely love it. It fit here perfectly!!!

  6. What a special relationship Daddy has with his little girl! Thanks for sharing this sweet moment in your family’s life. Before she knows it, Daddy will be home to read her favorite book.

  7. I love that you recorded her voice in “I go ‘Cago too!” Brings back memories of our own family words. Precious. Hoping your weekend is a sweet one with family and a nice reunion on Sunday!

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