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Wearing a Blankie

Attachment-1 (1)The red Snuggie was quite possibly the worst Valentine’s Day gift I ever received. I still shake my head whenever I think about my husband giving it to me. While he had good intentions (He knew I was always cold in our Providence loft.), it was the most unromantic gift ever. To make matters worse, he got the 2 for 1 special when he ordered it so we have two of those amorphous blankets in our home!

I refuse to throw out the Snuggies because they give us a good laugh whenever we see them. They’re also a reminder of how far he’s come with gift-giving since that dreadful present. (He recently took me to see “Once” on Broadway as an anniversary gift. Now that was a good choice!) Most of the time the Snuggies are tucked away in a storage ottoman in our great room. They rarely see the light of day.

My hands were chilled and my feet felt like blocks of ice today. Our thermostat said 70°F, but our Galileo thermometer read 64°F – 68°F. All I wanted to do was to curl up under a blanket on the couch, but I had writing to do in my home office. Taking a snuggle siesta wasn’t in the cards.

So I did what any cold person who was home alone would do. I located the Snuggie and donned it. I rolled up the sleeves and bunched it up at the waist so it would “fit.” (It still didn’t fit!) I did my work and when it was time to take a break, I hiked it up again, went to the kitchen, grabbed some baby carrots and hummos and sat down at the kitchen table for a snack, Snuggie and all.

Suddenly, the door opened. Isabelle was back with my mother-in-law. I stood up, walked over to the door, and greeted them.

“Hi!” I said. “How was your day?”

My mother-in-law looked at me in horror. Isabelle giggled and said, “Mommy wearing blankie!”

“Are you okay?” my mother-in-law asked.

“Yeah, why?” Then I realized what I was wearing. “I’m just really cold so I thought I’d put this on.”

Yep, that’s right. I looked like I was ill. Because well people don’t don Snuggies even when they’re home alone writing!

* * * * *

I tossed the Snuggie aside for a few hours and found it right before dinnertime.

“Remember when Mommy was wearing this earlier?” I asked Isabelle.


“What did you say when you saw me wearing it?”

She looked like she knew what she wanted to say, but couldn’t motor plan the words to get them out so I helped her.

“You said, ‘Mommy wearing blankie!'”

She laughed.

“Want to come snuggle with me in it?”

“Put it on!” she commanded.

And so I did. Then she curled-up on my lap and snuggled there for several minutes.

And moments later my husband walked into the house from a long day at work. He saw me in the Snuggie and looked even more perplexed than my mother-in-law did a few hours earlier. “It’s a long story,” I told him immediately. “And believe me, it is a story!”

Check out the other slice of life stories at
Check out the other slice of life stories at

17 thoughts on “Wearing a Blankie

  1. Ummm I do not have a Snuggy….but perhaps…one day….I will write about LONGIES!!!!!! They go under regular clothes and let you sit in a cold house@

  2. Hysterical! I loved what Isabelle said when she saw you… And I love that you cuddled with her in it later!

    Did you see my post last year about my fleece footed pjs? They are truly awesome. Maybe you need some! 🙂

  3. This slice reminded me of the pastel
    Green snuggie we use for building forts. It was a gift from my husband’s friend when I was pregnant and those tarps are not too snuggie! I laughed thinking that that blankie/robe has so many stories to tell of its own.

  4. We have a white elephant exchange before the holiday break, and the snuggles are passed around like no other gift. I don’t think they really want them, but just want to parade around in them during the party! This is hilarious, especially going to the door with your mother-in-law there. Oh, so funny “Mommy wearing blankie.” It may not have been a great gift but the gift was the story! Now you’ll always remember!

  5. No judging from this corner, you don’t know the looks I don to get warm. Love the description/reactions of your family members. Stay warm, even if you have to use a Snuggie!

  6. So funny! I love your description of your mother-in-laws face. I say, “Be warm girl!!” This inspires me to write about some of my crazy “get-ups” (NC mountain phrase) since my kids don’r live at anymore they have gotten worse. “Mommy wearing blankie.”is a great little one line and I love that you ended it with snuggles. Sweet family memory.

  7. I love this story! The “snuggle” received the biggest laughs at one of our Christmas grab bag games. Glad your husband’s gift giving skills have improved . . .30 years with my hubby and still waiting 😉
    Hope your hands feel better soon . . .did you ever think of acupuncture? It may helpp

  8. What a story! And now you’ve captured it forever. I love this community who I feel sometimes knows me better than my “real” friends. I love the toddler feet peeking out. Sometime, I must explore Skitch, but for now I’m off to see the school board!

  9. Seriously?!! I actually WANTED a snuggie for Valentine’s day and didn’t get one. Actually it was a Hoodie Footie. We received a catalog in the mail (why??) and I left it open on the counter to the page I wanted for days, and the hint was not taken… better luck next year I guess.

  10. This is the first time for me to hear about Snuggie. I am glad that a disappointing gift gave you warmth and inspired a story and some healthy laughter. Thinking of your hand – take care of it.

  11. Ha…. your post has me laughing out loud!! I have long told my family that were they to EVER buy me a Snuggie – I’d be outa here! They always threaten…. thanks, by the way – this post has given me an idea for one of my own. Keep warm…

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