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A Slice of Sadness

Friday nights are a happy time in our house.
Monday mornings are a sad time in our house.

Friday nights are when we eat a festive dinner.
Monday mornings are when we rush through breakfast.

Friday nights are a time for family again.
Monday mornings are a time for routine again.

Friday nights are when Daddy is home for the weekend.
Monday mornings are when Daddy goes back to work.

Friday nights are filled with “I love my Daddy.”
Monday mornings are filled with “I miss my Daddy.”


20 thoughts on “A Slice of Sadness

  1. I love the structure of your slice. I once posted something on Facebook about Monday mornings should be outlawed. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many “likes.” Even as grown ups, we relate to Isabelle’s Monday morning blues.

  2. What a sweet photo to go along with your words. I too love the structure and like Linda can see the bits of you in this piece. Transitioning from Friday to Monday is so challenging. I miss my Friday right about now.

  3. I love the contrast in this piece! Yes, such a difference in outlook Friday nights to Monday mornings.

  4. The way you contrasted Monday and Friday makes the reader feel just how sad Mondays are and just how sweet are Fridays. Your blog is simple, yet poignant.

  5. This structure was like ripping a bandaid off quickly — the flow was quick and steady so the sad parts were over without too much pain. As the reader, I appreciate that, because I know the truth isn’t so quick. 🙂 Hang in there — only three more sleeps until daddy’s return!

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