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Waiting for Shabbat

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I’m hosting the 7th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge, which begins tomorrow at Two Writing Teachers. Wouldn’t you know that my wrist flared-up while I was prepping for the challenge (two weeks ago)?!!? I’m in a wrist splint. In order to reduce my computer use, I’m using podcasts to tell my stories until I can type comfortably again. Therefore, today’s slice of life story and the ones that will follow in the next week or two will likely be shorter. (Sigh.)

Isabelle awaits Shabbat every week.  We think it’s because she knows it’s a time when the three of us can be together as a family.

I got Isabelle talking about Shabbat when I started humming the tune of the Kiddush this afternoon.  She didn’t like my humming so she cut me off by saying, “I wanna see Abby!” and “Torah!” (Abby is the Mini Congregation leader.) Therefore, I started singing “Torah Tziva Lanu,” which is what we sing at Mini Congregation as we march around with the plush Torahs. She joined-in, approximating the song:

Even though I know she’s really excited to go to synagogue for Mini Congregation and a friend’s Bat Mitzvah tomorrow, I wanted to focus her on what would come before synagogue, which is Friday night dinner. She began listing the things we needed while rummaging through a drawer in my kitchen. She even took out a kipah for her daddy, which I made her put back since she was a few hours too early for Shabbat.


12 thoughts on “Waiting for Shabbat

  1. I love the way you combined the written and “spoken ” words. It makes me wonder about doing this with kids………another idea for the notebook!
    PS Hope you ALL enjoy the Bat Mitzvah

  2. It was so interesting to hear about your celebration. There is power in music and hearing words, not just written words. Thanks for giving us a peek into your day.

  3. Sorry for the wrist-pain! Grrr…timing is just perfect, right?!? But then we do get the sounds bites! Don’t fret about the shorter slices…I was actually thinking yesterday that small slices bring more power. Choosing words carefully. Eliminating the unnecessary. And more time to read more slices! Enjoy your family and celebrations this weekend!

  4. Stacey,
    I’m reading slices on my phone and for some reason, the sound casts weren’t working so I will have to play the later. I’m sorry to hear about your wrist issue…I’m glad you found another avenue for making your slices work! So excited for the March SOLSC!

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