January’s Chalk-a-Bration

Betsy Hubbard hosts Chalk-a-Bration on the last day of every month over at Teaching Young Writers.

I’m back for my second Chalk-a-Bration. The weather is still keeping me from participating.  I tried a new drawing app since the one I used last time wasn’t compatible with my Jot Script Stylus. Not sure I love the way my poem looks with the Drawing Carl App. Perhaps I need to keep searching… or the weather needs to get warmer!

Without further adieu, here’s my poem:

Click on this rectangle to get a better look at my poem, which is called "Balmy Winter Day."
No hat or gloves
The mercury reads 25°F
That’s °F
not °C
But it feels like a veritable
As if the blooms have
Returned to the trees —
For weeks!
But spring hasn’t arrived
It’ll snow again…
On Monday!

3 thoughts on “January’s Chalk-a-Bration

  1. Stacey, I can’t read it, sorry. Maybe if you edited and typed the poem underneath? There are a number of chalk apps I’ve used, & even the free ones work pretty well.

  2. Terrific, so glad you changed it! It must feel like a heat wave after all the cold! I like the idea of the blooms returning! We had snow overnight-more coming, & cold, but just below freezing-winter’s still here!

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