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Four “Big Girl” Moments

I’m not one of those moms who says, “It goes by so fast.” Most weeks seem to pass slowly… especially in the dead of winter. However, four things have happened in the past three days that have made me realize my little girl is growing up quicker than I want to admit:


a)  I went into the mixed-age kinder classes at Isabelle’s to observe on Tuesday morning.  I left Isabelle, for the first time, in her classroom by herself. I’ve never done this before, other than to go to the bathroom. (After all, it’s a parent/child class!) However, I didn’t have anyone else to stay with Isabelle. Plus, she’s known her teacher for the past year and a half, so I figured there was no better place to separate from one another than by leaving her with Ms. Jackie.

I returned 90 minutes later to find out she was on her best behavior. In fact, as the rest of the moms and kids were cleaning up, she took the initiative to set the table for snack time.  (She never does that!) I was beyond impressed!

The best news was that she didn’t ask for me even once when I was out of the room. That makes me feel a whole lot better about how preschool is going to go next year!

20140130-150406.jpgb)  I took Isabelle for her first curly girl haircut (aka: DevaCurl cut) at the salon I go to in Lancaster. I’ve embraced my curls ever since I started getting DevaCurl cuts. Therefore, instead of bringing Isabelle to a kiddie salon in NYC (that rushes us out and doesn’t really know how to cut her curly hair), I decided to bring her to Joy, who styles my hair (and my mom’s hair too).

I’ve been preparing Isabelle for her “big girl” haircut for the past two weeks. She knew her hair was going to be cut dry first, then it’d be washed, and then blown dry (since no one wants to see a three year-old’s hair freeze on a -15 degree day!). I wasn’t sure how she’d do in a nice salon where she didn’t have a toy car to sit in and a DVD to watch. However, all of the preparation must’ve helped because she didn’t need any kind of distractions when she was having her hair dry-cut by Joy. She sat pretty still on the salon booster seat, which floored me. (If only she’d sit that still at mealtimes! More on that later.)

In fact, I didn’t need to pull out any kind of distraction tool ’til it was time for her to lay back into the shampoo bowl. She wasn’t not into that. Therefore, I took out my phone and put on a Maccabeats video. I figured she’d just watch the Maccabeats and be fine. And she was… ’til she was done being shampooed and walked back to have her hair dried.  She saw her curls on the floor. A panicked look crossed her face. I thought she was going to cry.

“It’s okay, it’s just your curls.”

“My… hair!” she exclaimed.

Joy knew what was happening and told me to distract her.

“Why don’t we watch the rest of this video. Or we could watch “Daniel Tiger.”

As I pulled out the iPad I stashed in my purse, Joy explained that many kids feel as if their hair is an appendage of their body. She said most toddlers go into a full-blown tantrum when they see their hair laying on the floor. Thanks to the magic of the Maccabeats (Yet again!) and “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” Isabelle instantly forgot about the curls on the floor. In fact, she was mesmerized by the iPad ’til Joy finished styling her hair.

Joy asked Izzy, “Do you like your curls?” when she finished doing her hair.

“Yes!” Izzy exclaimed.

That’s the response I always hope she has to that question!



Isabelle had her three year-old checkup at the dentist yesterday. She needed to have a three of her front teeth scaled since they had some calculus. (That’s what happens when you’re born with a tooth! Well, that’s the excuse for one of the teeth. The other two had build-up due to her genetic make-up!) Isabelle reclined in the chair while her dentist hand-scaled her teeth. Seeing as she sat back in the chair, she’s now eligible to see the hygenist in six months. Apparently, kids don’t get to see the hygenist until this milestone happens. Therefore, this was a big deal!


I took Isabelle on an outing to The Hershey Story Museum, where she enjoyed the new Chocolate Workers Exhibit. In an effort to get some more calcium into her body, I offered to buy her a box of chocolate milk at Cafe Zooka. She agreed to drink it, but only if she could sit in a booster seat atop one of the benches. Quite frankly, she didn’t need the booster, but I really wanted her to drink the milk. I let her have the booster seat. She sat in it gleefully… until she toppled out of it onto the floor! Poor little thing fell on her back and head. Tears were shed and screaming ensued. Once she calmed down we agreed that maybe she still needed to sit in a high chair when she went out to eat. Shockingly, she agreed. So even though she still needs to sit in a high chair, the fact that she understood why she couldn’t sit in a booster seat is still a sign of maturity in my book. (Well, ’til she protests the high chair next time we go out to eat!)


The past few days have been a reminder that while the days may go by slowly, the years are going by quickly. Carpe diem.


2 thoughts on “Four “Big Girl” Moments

  1. Your post made me smile as I could imagine the days when my children were little. I don’t know Maccabeats (but I’ll be checking them out). Raffi was our saving grace back in the day. Your Isabelle is growing so quickly. It just occurred to me how lucky that she’ll have this blog to look back on when she is older. It’s a beautiful chronicle of her life.

    1. I hope she doesn’t look back and think, “Didn’t you have anything better to do Mom?” The answer will be “yes, but writing about your life was important too!” Time will tell on that one.

      Here’s a link to the Maccabeats: As for Raffi, we listen to a few of his songs. She’s got the oddest taste in music: Maccabeats, Beatles, opera (specifically the Three Tenors), all of the Music Together cd’s. And this hasn’t all been my doing. The opera is all my dad!

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