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Catching Kisses

catching kissesHow do you describe something like kisses to a child?  Sure, our children feel us kiss them on their cheeks, tops of their heads, and hands.  But how can we help them understand the power of a kiss?  Catching Kisses by Amy Gibson and Maria Van Lieshout (Feiwel and Friends) helps young readers understand that kisses (and love) is all around us.  This picture book takes readers on a journey around the Continental United States as a kiss is blown from one person and caught by another.

Catching Kisses begins with a boy blowing a dandelion and it says:

At any given moment,



is blowing a kiss.

And somewhere, someone is catching it.

There are dandelions blowing through the pages of the book with the final page containing an illustration of a girl holding a dandelion. Dandelions are featured on the end pages too, which help drive home the idea of kisses blowing through the air. (Great metaphor, right?!!?)

Catching Kisses helps little ones understand that no two kisses are the same (kinda like snowflakes).  Kisses are invisible. Each one has a distinct smells and feels differently depending on whose giving them to you. Kisses stay with us, long after they are given.  To convey the power of a kiss, Gibson writes:

They’re soft as lamb’s wool,

but strong as steel.

They’re not afraid of tears.

But the most powerful pages of the book include the reminder that a kiss can never be taken away once it’s given…it is the recipient’s forever.

I love Catching Kisses since it allows a child to know they’re always going to have the love we shower upon them. It’s going on top of Isabelle’s bedtime reading pile tonight since I cannot wait to share it with her (and then cover her little cheeks with kisses).  I think Catching Kisses is a perfect way to remind a child of the love you have for them right before the day draws to a close.

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