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Time to Get Ready

When I first had Isabelle I vowed I would continue to straighten my hair daily.  After all, she didn’t mind all the time I spent blowing out my hair and straightening it with a flat iron.

But then she started walking.

Need I say more?

Over the past three years, I’ve come to embrace my curly hair (mostly so she’ll embrace her curls). However, every now and then, I straighten it.  But it’s not all that often since it takes a lot of time and effort to straighten it.  This morning I had the time so I thought, why not?

My parents took Isabelle out to Barnes & Noble so I could workout.  I left myself enough time to shower prior to leaving for lunch.  Therefore I decided to use that time to straighten my hair.  Here’s a peek into my bathroom as I straightened in peace and “quiet” this morning:

Go to to #walkmyworld.

This looks like an ordinary image, but it’s not.  If you go to ThingLink you will see notes, listen to music, and watch a video related to this photo.  I learned about ThingLink this morning as I was perusing #walkmyworld submissions on Twitter.  If you haven’t heard of The Walk My World Project yet, then click here to learn more about it. The Project is only in its second week so it’s not too late to jump-in!  I jumped in last Friday with this Vine video.


3 thoughts on “Time to Get Ready

  1. I love the way you could link things in the picture, very cool! Having incredibly straight hair, I have no idea the process it takes to straighten hair, but I do know the pain of curling. I guess it’s just better to embrace what you have. 🙂

    1. I haven’t been to Devachan, but I go to an amazing stylist in Lancaster who was trained at Devachan. I use all of their products. (In fact, I’m taking Izzy to her for her first curly cut next week!)

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