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I stumbled upon…

Tape Art in Progress

I walked out of my office and shut the door behind me.

“What’s going on?” I asked as I walked towards Isabelle’s play room.

Neither Isabelle nor my husband said a word. The two of them were hard at work, on the floor, working on an art project.

I almost fainted.

You have to understand… my husband is not an artistic person. I got him to paint pottery with me once when we were dating in New York. Other than picking up a crayon to color with Isabelle in a restaurant, I haven’t seen him to anything artistic since the pottery painting day.

But there he was, on the floor of the play room, beside Isabelle, facilitating her artistic creation.

{My heart melted.}


18 thoughts on “I stumbled upon…

  1. Aw, sweet story of a loving daddy! I love to see glimpses of parents sharing a moment with their children. Your picture captured the moment just as I would have imagined it. Lovely!

  2. There is something priceless captured in this father-daughter moment! While my husband did not ever do an art project with my daughter (to the best of my knowledge) they watched the Muppets and built condominiums of blocks…and today….she is a grown up Muppets loving engineer….the moment is indeed a slice of your life you need to capture for posterity!

  3. It’s lovely to stumble upon things we don’t expect. This is probably the first of many things you and/or your husband will do to spend time with Isabelle and be a part of her life.

  4. What an amazing sight to see. It sure is heart warming when you are able to stumble upon those unexpected things.

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