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Slowing Down the “ABC Song”

I have a bone to pick with the person who wrote the “ABC Song.” It goes too fast through the letters l – p. This leaves little kids saying “elehmenoh” or even “ahbahbahbah” if their mouths can’t keep up.

Determined to do something about the way Isabelle was glossing over letters l – p in the “ABC Song” I decided to slow it down for her. Here’s what I did:


I separated foam letters into the phrases they’re sung. I put large spaces between the l and the m, the m and the n, the n and the o, and the o and the p. Then, as Isabelle and I sung the “ABC Song” together, she saw the spaces and heard the pauses in my voice. After awhile she began to slow down the way she sung the ABC song.

Isabelle also likes playing with the foam letters, which we only use together. I use them to practice sounds. For instance, we’re trying to get her to say the long a sound. Therefore, I put the a and the e letters by my mouth to get her to say elongate the word eight in an effort to say it properly. Here she is, though, just free playing with the foam letters after working on them with me.



3 thoughts on “Slowing Down the “ABC Song”

  1. LMENOPEES. Lemons and peas. I remember wondering about that as a little kid, It didn’t connect for me as letters until much later (I think when they taught how to alphabetize.) So smart using fun foam letter to connect it to actual letters and s-t-r-e-c-h it out.

  2. I love this idea Stacey! I’m amazed what I hear at school (and also what I heard at home) when we sang the ABC’s. I remember doing something similar with my girls too — slowing down the song and pointing at the wall decal letters decorating the playroom. I love the manipulation of the foam letters and spacing the letters to pronounce each letter. This is one idea I will practice with some of my kinders at school! Thanks for sharing!

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