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First Meeting

Reports of a Nor’easter surfaced late last week. Even though we’re quite a bit west of the 95 Corridor, meteorologists were predicting snow.  The snow began around 9 p.m. on Thursday and fell overnight, which caused the schools to have a two-hour delay. By morning the roads weren’t cleared so the inevitable happened. Schools closed.

I was supposed to have a meeting last Friday with a nearby school about implementing writing workshop next year.  However, when school got canceled on Friday so did my meeting. It was rescheduled for today, which wasn’t a big deal except for the fact I knew I wouldn’t have child care.  You see, my mom was in town last week so she was going to watch Isabelle while I attended the meeting. I knew I couldn’t get a babysitter for today’s meeting, which meant I’d have to bring my three year-old to a consulting-related meeting with me!  (NOTE: I’ve consulted in this school before and know the folks I was meeting with quite well.  Therefore, they were kind enough to agree to having my three foot three year-old tag-along with me.)

Now, I’ve never brought Isabelle to anything work-related.  Hoping for the best and expecting the worst, I gathered an ABC puzzle, a lot of Little People, three books, and a box of 24 crayons.  I filled a snack bag with Cheerios, Bunnies, pouches, raisins, and water.  I pre-set my iPhone to in case I needed to show her an episode of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” to keep her quiet.  Then, “the talk” began.

  • I told Isabelle she’d be accompanying me to a meeting.
  • I told Isabelle she’d have to use an inside voice in the hallways.
  • I told Isabelle she’d say “hi” to people when they greeted her.
  • I told Isabelle she’d have to play quietly while I talked with the other grown-ups.
  • I told Isabelle she’d need to say “excuse me” before asking for something.
  • I told Isabelle she’d need to behave so “Mommy can get work done.”
  • I told Isabelle if she did all of these things then she’d get to watch two Maccabeats videos and/or an episode of “Sesame Street” when she got home.
Isabelle watched the Maccabeats on the kitchen floor as soon as she came home.

Guess who watched two Maccabeats videos and got to pick out what she’d eat for lunch when she got home? ISABELLE! That’s because she was excellent during my meeting.  Sure, she did some typical toddler things like interrupting me to show me a drawing and humming while gobbling down her Cheerios.  Sure, she got restless and needed to go for a walk.  Sure, she got fussy by the end of the meeting, which went for nearly 90 minutes.  BUT, she was so well-behaved. We had a productive meeting (the last part of which was in a corner of the Kindergarten classroom so she could play with different toys).

I wouldn’t intentionally bring Isabelle to another meeting with me, but I’m so proud of her for behaving as well as a three year-old can behave under the circumstances.  What a champ!

She wanted pasta and baby carrots. I threw the blueberries and peppers on the plate just for the heck of it. She landed up eating all of those, a few carrots, and no pasta. Interesting.

18 thoughts on “First Meeting

  1. Even this young, they seem to know when it’s important to be quiet & respectful, I think. What a nice time for you all, Stacey. Prep is helpful for everyone, isn’t it? Hope your work with the school is a good time!

  2. Stacey,
    I’m glad all went well you must be so proud of Isabelle. I’ve had to take Kam to meetings before but not Nat. I would be scared to take Nat. I’m not sure she would do so well…

  3. There are always those flashes of moments when you just never how it will go. But she rose up the challenge and was a success! It’s amazing what these little ones can really do. I think being well prepared and stocked up on just the right tools helped too. I especially appreciate talking about your expectations with her too – I do the same thing before we go the library, the doctor’s office, etc. Congrats to you both and what a sigh of relief for you!

  4. Way to go mom and Isabelle! A successful meeting and a toddler who could mostly occupy herself, what more could you ask for (other than a babysitter). She knew the rewards that awaited her, so she applied a little cause and effect.

  5. It sounds like you thought ahead to imagine all that she would need to know and it made all the difference. I can imagine how stressful that might have been wondering how it would go. I was happy to get to the end of the post and see it worked out!

  6. I’m glad she handled it like a champ! With a four year old on hand, I feel your trepidation. Maddie loves to come to work with me- but I’ve never had to have her with me in that context. Gives me some hope- maybe….

  7. Wow, you really took a chance there, didn’t you? Ha, of course I never doubted Isabelle for a second. 🙂 Honestly, it speaks a lot about her character and demeanor that she was able to sit so well through that meeting. And it’s ok to toot your own horn if you want…. it speaks a lot about how you parent, I think.

    Good for Isabelle for being so well-behaved. You should totally take her to Chocolate World!!

  8. I love the LOVE of your daughter that OOZES though this post! While I suspect you would have had a post EVEN if the OTHER Izzy had come out during the meeting, it seems like this time, she AND YOU should be OH SO VERY proud….SOMEHOW, she knew what was expected on this day! Chocolate Word sounds fair to me!

    1. Thanks Anita!
      And you’re right… there would’ve been a post if she reared her toddler head the entire meeting. I’m sure I would’ve written it with self-deprecating humor.

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