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My First Chalk-a-Bration

Betsy Hubbard hosts Chalk-a-Bration on the last day of every month over at Teaching Young Writers.

I’ve been promising Betsy that I’ll join-in for Chalk-a-Bration for the past few months. However, the weather has kept me from participating… until now. I downloaded the Chalk Drawing App to my iPad and now weather can’t keep me away!

For the past two years, on the final day of the year, I craft a letter to my daughter about the year that’s past.  Even though I have this blog and and private, family-only blog, I still like the idea of writing her a letter.  I think it’ll be a nice way for her to go back and read through my thoughts and feelings about her growth and development when she gets older.

This year, Chalk-a-Bration and my year-end letter are meeting up on the same day.  Therefore, I chalked a poem to her for the opening of my letter.  While I won’t share the letter in this forum, I am very willing to share the poem.  Here it is:

Click on the image to enlarge.
Click on the image to enlarge.

2 thoughts on “My First Chalk-a-Bration

  1. Happy New Year to you and Izzy! I love this idea and the commitment you have made writing letters to your daughter. She will LOVE and cherish those letters forever. I am also very excited that you are joining in today with your very sweet poem. I loved all the colorful excitement at the end too!

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