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Slowing Down Because of the Snow

Around 9 a.m. I found Isabelle amusing herself by looking through one of her baby photo albums. Perfect! She was occupied and I could write this slice of life story.

Before the snow started falling again…

Before I watched her devour an English muffin with cream cheese for breakfast…

Before she played with her toys…

Before we walked downstairs…

Before I applied liquid bandage to the cut on her foot…

Before I got her dressed for the day…

We read.

Isabelle kinda whiny this morning.  She heard something scraping outside.  (It was my husband shoveling the driveway before he departed for work.)  Seeing as all of the schools were on a two-hour delay, I knew we weren’t in a rush to go anywhere this morning.

“Would you like Mommy to rock you?” I asked her.

“Yah,” she whined.

“Yes or no?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said.

I scooted back in the glider, picked her up, and placed her on my lap.

“Reeeeeeeeeeeead!” she said grabbing the nearest book in her board book basket.

“We have time to read,” I said wishing that was true every morning.

noodlelovesthefarmShe handed me Noodle Loves the Farm by Marion Billet.  I glanced at the back of the book.  Ages 1 – 3.  We’re getting close to the end of the age range on this one, aren’t we? And then I shifted my thinking. Don’t be like that. She can use this book as her reading skills develop. The age range thing is just a guide.

We began by talking about the cover of this touch and feel book. Then, as I read the text on each page, Isabelle delighted in touching the animals. We talked about how each animal felt, the color of their mane/fur/feathers, named them, and described the sounds they made.  We lingered on each page and then read it again.

Slow, snowy mornings are wonderful.  Just wonderful.

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23 thoughts on “Slowing Down Because of the Snow

    1. Not a bit, Bonnie.(I am the teacher that read the Knuffle Bunny books to 4th and 5th graders.) however, I felt compelled to include that since that notion flashes through my mind for a moment this morning.

  1. You are living the snowy world I was in last week. I do love how the snow slows us down, but not when I have places to be, things to do. Now this week we are in the fifties. So maybe you will get some of that too. Your beginning reminded me of the commercial for some credit card. So much happens before.

  2. Life is hectic. It seems like we are always rushing around trying to get ten things done at once. Freshly fallen snow just makes us slow down and regroup. You and Isabelle found a perfect way to slow thing down.

  3. I love the way you ended, Stacey – days like this are so magical, you have all the time in the world to enjoy those small moments. Yay!

  4. Love this piece — so important to slow down and enjoy these moments. My 14 year old son just asked me to bake xmas cookies. I have a ton to do, but I put it all aside and off we went! We have to remember to keep it all in balance.

  5. What a special moment you captured. I love when Isabelle is a little whiny she reaches for a book. This is great advice for all of us I think. A snowy scene sounds lovely to me where it is HOT in my part of Southern California today. I know the reality of getting around in the snow can be different! (Thanks for correcting my link for my SOLS 🙂

  6. So lovely to think that everyone could slow down & “not” rush out the door, but like you today, we do relish the time when it happens. And BTW, Ingrid (4 1/2 now) & Imogene (a little over 2) both enjoy all kinds of books, & Ingrid returns to those favorite board books again & again. Good memories!

  7. I love everything about this. I especially love the lead into what was most important about your day. Indeed, the most important part of your day. I’ll hope to fit that in as soon as I can with my little one.

  8. Your message today was to “slow down”…a good one for all of us on snowy days. A good book and a cuddle or two solve most of life’s problems!

  9. We had the whole day off so I actually read to all of my daughters, even the teenage ones. I am reading this before they are all heading to their homework corners. I’m going to make them sit down and listen to another favorite picture book before they do that. This day was a total gift of time!

  10. We had the whole day off so I actually read to all of my daughters, even the teenage ones. I am reading this before they are all heading to their homework corners. I’m going to make them sit down and listen to another favorite picture book before they do that–so much for age recommendations!!! This day was a total gift of time!

  11. I’m glad that you enjoyed your snowy morning together. The girls have a late start every Monday and I enjoy having a little bit slower morning with them those days.

    I agree with the books. I have found that my girls often enjoy books long past the “recommended ages”. Now they are revisiting some of their old favorites with Camila. I think it is all part of creating a family of/community of readers.

    On a different note, tonight I pulled our Fisher Price house (just like the one you pictured recently) and farm out of storage. My mom and sister each bought one when Celeste was a baby. I am thinking they might have even been for her first Christmas. One time I almost donated them. I am so glad I saved them and was thinking about you, hoping that you continue to have luck finding older versions.

  12. Reading in the evening seems such a natural thing. Reading in the morning is a treat. I am sad to say that I usually go to work before my daughter (8) wakes up. I give her a kiss while she still sleeps. I am looking forward to the winter break when we can have slow mornings together.

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