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ISO Fisher Price Little People from the 1990’s

My husband appeared at my office door a little after 9 p.m.  He looked in and paused.  He must’ve been waiting to see if I was writing, which is what I’m usually doing at nine o’clock at night.  But I wasn’t working on my writing.

“You don’t want to know what I’m doing!” I said.

He walked into my office and glanced at the computer screen, which didn’t have a Word document open.  He looked puzzled as he stared at the screen.

“That’s right, I’m shopping for Little People!” I said disdainfully.

He laughed, walked around my desk, set some envelopes down on my desk, grabbed our return address stamp and glanced at the screen before he began stamping.


“Yep, I’m shopping for Little People furniture, to be exact.”

“Why?” he said, as he pressed down the stamper to the first envelope.

“Because Lynn’s taking them with her when she finishes.”

Isabelle lined up her Little People (not sure where they’re going) this evening. She said, “Ni, ni, ittle pee-po,” when I took her upstairs for the night. How adorable is that?!!?

BACK “STORY”: Lynn is my daughter’s EI speech therapist who has been coming to the house since she’s 15 months old. She often brings toys that she incorporates into our therapy sessions.  Isabelle turns three soon, which means EI comes to an end. Therefore, I need to give all of Lynn’s toys back to her.  The only things that still remain in our house are the Little People since Isabelle has LOVED playing with them.  Knowing that Lynn was going to be leaving, I’ve been bidding on Little People from the 1990’s, which are the ones Isabelle likes, on eBay.  And it’s not easy, I might add.  Believe it or not, there is a huge market for Little People.  The vintage ones, which are from my days as a kid, are a choking hazard, so I have to be sure not to buy those.  She isn’t all that into the look and feel of the present-day ones.  Therefore, I am on a search for the Little People of the ’90’s that are used, but still in good condition.  I know.  It’s crazy that I’m sacrificing writing time for this.

“She’s going to go nuts when she takes those Little People out of here,” Marc said.

“No, she won’t.  I’ve been clandestinely sending her home with them every week.  I put them in bags and hand them to her when Isabelle isn’t looking.”

He looked at me quizzically.

“Though I accidentally gave Lynn the wrong baby and high chair,” I admitted.

“What?” he asked.

Ashamed to admit it, I told the truth, “I ordered a new Little People baby and high chair and I accidentally gave Lynn the new one instead of the old one, which belonged to her.”  (Trust me, I’m much more careful with my own child than with the Little People figurines!)

He chuckled at me.  “What are you buying now?”

“I need more furniture and figurines.  But it’s hard, ya know.  The furniture here is all vintage.  And I just lost an auction for figurines.”

“You probably bid too low,” he told me.  (Since when is my husband an expert in Little People auctions!)

I went into my account and showed him that I lost the auction by three bucks.

“Yeah, I guess that was too low.”

“Thanks honey,” I said.

“What can I do?” he asked.

“Milk please.”

My husband went off to the kitchen to get me a glass of milk.

“I should write about this!” I called after him.

“Go ahead!”

* * * * *

And here I am… I took a break from my Little People bidding to write this slice of life about the Little People.  Granted, I could just let them disappear from our lives, but Isabelle LOVES playing with them.  While they’re not my toy of choice for her, I love the way she’s developed play scenarios with them.  This afternoon she was very quiet while I was making her lunch.  I looked into her play room and saw that she had set up multiple tables for the Little People to sit at and was pretending to feed them lunch.  As I was preparing for dinner, I overheard her having the Little People have conversations with each other.  I have no idea what they were saying, but she was engaged and enjoying herself.

So, back to eBay I go!

I bought the dollhouse on eBay for her a few weeks ago. She LOVES it. The bus is Lynn’s, but I found one just like it on eBay. (Seriously.)

24 thoughts on “ISO Fisher Price Little People from the 1990’s

  1. Well, already commented on FB, didn’t know you had posted here, Stacey. How fun that you have to look on Ebay, but glad they have those toys too. Best to you! I’ve heard about the earlier ones being taken off the market, but all my grandchildren have been fine, and do love them. I like the looks of yours, too, especially the people!

  2. There is a huge market for those Fischer Price sets. My nieces enjoy them (vintage sets) so last year’s holiday quest had me bidding on a Fischer Price leisure boat set complete with people and deck furniture. I appreciate your quest! Love how you capture the dialogue and quiet of evening.

  3. I still have ours in the attic. My kids loved those too! It is more than the toy it is the memories you have with them. I spent many an hour on ebay when my kids were little. I loved it when I won!! Good luck.

  4. I had NO IDEA they were so valuable! I recently popped the house and some aged family into the trash as I cleaned out a section of the attic thinking I was crazy for saving them! They were a wonderfully creative toy and now I feel DOUBLY sad! I am not laughing at YOU, I am crying that I didn’t hold on a few more weeks!

  5. Yikes! The things we do for the people that we love! Especially our children! I had no idea that there were Vintage Fisher Price people and different ones from the 1990’s! As a sidenote, I worked the church Christmas Store this week, where low income families could get presents for their children. Fisher Price were the most popular item on the 0-3 years table.

  6. Yep, we were a Little People’s house! The bus, the playhouse, the farm..we had them. It is fun to watch toys make a full circle. I had a doll when I was little whose hair grew when you pressed a button in her back…Chrissy and Velvet. Anyone remember those? That was a long time ago! Good luck with your search!

  7. This made me laugh – first becasue we had a ton of these years ago which my kids played with all the time, and I remember vacuuming them up, stepping on them, and finding them in unlikely places (the dishwasher) asall the time…and I miss those times. And second, because it’s just such a great mom thing to do – whatever it takes to make our kids happy, even if it seems ridiculous to the rest of the world!

  8. My goodness Little People have changed in 30 years. Ours (still in attic) are just a tube of a person. Good luck on your hunt for the replacements!

  9. I got a quite a chuckle from your post. Another reminder of what mom’s will do for their children. Serenity at any expense is well worth the work of finding objects that our children hold dear. Best of luck

  10. 🙂 the things we do for little people, especially our little girls…love that you are working so hard to make her happy. xo

  11. I love the fact that you’ve been secretly returning the Little People bit by bit! I did something similar with some toys that Lily was given as a gift, only I wasn’t returning them–just hiding them bit by bit so she wouldn’t notice they were missing. Not to name any names, but they were toys that reinforce gender stereotypes and I wouldn’t have picked them for her myself. Is that Is that bad? We all do what we gotta do, right?!

  12. haha, this is one of those moments where you step back and think “Well, I certainly never imagined I’d be doing this…”, right? 🙂 The fact that you’ve been secretly giving the Little People back bit by bit was my favorite part — hilarious! 🙂

    1. Jen – Exactly! I never envisioned sitting on eBay for more hours than I want to admit looking for these things. (I did find a nice set of 27 Little People today that will get shipped to me by Saturday!)

      1. I am glad to visit the blog now that you have written about your success of finding a set of 27. I don’t think that any mom would laugh at you, but probably chuckle with you. You were not looking for the toys for the sake of having them. These toys have meaning and they help Isabelle with playing and learning.

  13. Too funny…. for this non-mom, I think this is one of those, “I will never be that mom for my poor future children!” haha – I should make a list of those moments and see how many of them end up in my future SOLCs! 🙂 What a good Mama you are!

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