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Stop & Marvel: The First Snow

“My turn!” said Little Miss Independent after I snapped the first of two closures on her booster seat.
“Okay, close the second one,” I said knowing her toddler need to do everything herself.
I waited for her to line up the buckle to the fastener side. As she sought to align them, I looked out the sliding glass door in our kitchen. Snow!
Well, really it was flurries, but still. It’s the first time I’ve seen the white stuff this season.
I looked down and noticed Isabelle’s safety belt was completely fastened. She was expecting me to push her in towards the table so she could eat her Kashi and blueberries. Instead, I turned her chair around towards the window.
“Look, Izzy! It’s snowing!”
Isabelle looked out the window to see what I was yapping about. She glanced at the white flakes that just began to coat our deck quizzically.
“Do you remember what snow looks like?” I asked.
“Yes,” she said.
“Well, it’s the first time it has snowed since March! Look at it falling from the sky and landing on the deck. Doesn’t it look pretty?”
“Yea,” she replied with her eyes transfixed on the flakes falling from the sky.
“I’m glad I get to share the first snowfall of the season with you,” I told her. “Can I give you a first snow kiss?” I asked.
I leaned in and quickly found out she had another idea. I landed up kissing the side of her head since she grabbed my shoulders and pulled me super-close to her giving me a tight squeeze.
“Was that a first snow hug?” I asked.
“Yah. Huggie!” she replied pulling me in again.
The two of us marveled as the snow fell from the sky for another few minutes before starting our breakfast.
When I taught fourth and fifth grade, I remember the excitement the kids would have when the first snow of the season would fall down from the sky. (Make that excitement any time snow fell!) Often it would happen in the middle of math or writing workshop when I needed them to focus. One day I will return to the classroom and the snow will fall again. I will remember this morning and how I took the time to stop and marvel at the falling snow with Isabelle. I will give my future students that time too. Because it is important to take time to delight in nature wherever you are no matter how old you are.

Isabelle and her hens watched the snow after breakfast too.

15 thoughts on “Stop & Marvel: The First Snow

  1. Hi Stacey, love that first snow too. Even the middle schoolers get excited! And love the photos like always! Hope this weather doesn’t keep you in too much! It was fun being with you as much as we could be! Happy Thanksgiving! And Happy Hanukkah too!

  2. We had our first flurries last night for about two minutes. It was dark and they sure did sparkle! Thank you for the reminder to let them celebrate. I remember saying to myself when we get a snow…”it’s like they have never seen snow before!” They do get excited.

  3. Snow drifting in is mesmerizing. I watched the first flakes this week too. But I also celebrated that they were just a brief visitor and were soon gone.

  4. This is such a great moment in time that you’ve captured. We were walking out of the daycare when the first snow fell here in Illinois and Katie’s face was priceless. Such a mix of happiness and curiosity. My mom happened to be with us, and she even commented that she was glad to be there to see Katie’s reaction. I love that you took the time to celebrate this with Izzy.

  5. I love “her toddler self” and how you were the one to turn her towards the snow. And how you have come to a new perspective for those future students you will have some day.

  6. Here in Minnesota we had our first snow a few weeks ago and yes everyone left circle to stare at it for awhile. We have lots and lots of snow but everything must stop for the first snow. We were set to make snow pictures with watercolors and salt but by afternoon it was all gone and we decided to wait for the first deep snow for snow art. Enjoy these sweet moments!

  7. Loved that last shot of Isabelle and her hens…snow is magical when shared with our kids! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Stacey!

  8. Beautiful! It snowed for the first time here about a month ago (that’s VT for you!). I was teaching a demo lesson in a fourth grade classroom, just crossing my fingers that the kids might not notice the first snow until our labsite was over so that they whole workshop wouldn’t get derailed, but when they did notice it, we didn’t mind– they were so excited that we couldn’t help be excited too! First snow is the best!

  9. Wonderful moment to share with your daughter! I took a picture last night when snow covered my patio! Snow feels like blessing falling from the sky!

  10. A first snow kiss and a first snow hug – I love the idea. You are seizing the opportunity to create sweet memories. A beautiful moment, with beautiful thoughts, written down with beautiful words.Now I can’t wait for the first snow, to share a kiss and a hug.

  11. How great that the two of you took time to celebrate! I also can’t believe, looking at her picture, how big she is getting! I remember when she was born!

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