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The Maccabeats & the Common Cold

I tossed and turned in bed for an hour and a half last night before getting up to work at my computer. Before I rose from bed I heard Isabelle coughing on the monitor. And once I was downstairs in my office, which is directly below her bedroom, I heard more coughing.  This isn’t going to bode well for tomorrow.

And I was right. The first thing I noticed when I saw Isabelle this morning was Isabelle’s runny nose.  I armed myself with a giant canister of Boogie Wipes and made myself a cup of strong coffee so I could power through the day.

Speech and music therapy went pretty well even though I was wiping my little girl’s nose every few minutes. Once everyone left the house, I packed her up and took her to the post office and the grocery store, which were two errands I really needed to do.  Her nose hardly ran while we were out so I asked her, “Would you like to go outside?” when we got home.

“No,” she replied.  “In-sihde!”

Well, that was clear.  My little one loves to go outside. Her request to stay indoors spoke volumes about how she must’ve been feeling.  I poured her a glass of orange juice and declared that all rules were off.

“Would you like to watch ‘Seasame Street’?” I asked.

“Yes!” she squealed with delight.

“First we have to take off our coats, remove our sneakers, and wash our hands.”

I heard the slightest of whines.  “El-ma!” she said pointing towards the TV.

“Elmo wants you to have clean hands if you’re going to watch ‘Sesame Street’.”  Stupid things I vowed I’d never say before having a child.

She took off her coat and marched herself to the bathroom for a scrubbing. Well that was easy.

Not only did she watch “Sesame Street,” but she watched two episodes of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.” This is usually the amount of TV she watches in a week’s time!  However, I’ve learned not to be nuts about media consumption when she’s sick.

At 2:15 p.m. I got her down for a nap.  I had lots of work I needed to do so I hoped she’d sleep for 2.5 – 3 hours.

No. Such. Luck.

Isabelle was up by 3:30 p.m.!  At first she wanted to snuggle in my bed and read books.  That was all well and good, but then she requested something else.

“Sah-baht. Mac-a-beats. Pups!”

“You want to go downstairs to watch the Maccabeats’ ‘Cups’ Video?”  (How the kid figured out it’s a Shabbat song, I don’t know! Maybe I told her “D’ror Yikra” was a Shabbat song I sang to her, in a different tune, as a baby, but I’m not sure. If that wasn’t it, then what an inference she made!)

“Yes!” she declared.  “My iPad!”

“Okay, we can watch it on my iPad.” I paused remembering it actually was purchased for her to use for speech purposes.  “Okay, maybe it is your iPad.”

She smiled.

We went downstairs with Schlepp, her teddy bear, and retrieved the iPad from my office.  I set her up on the couch so we could watch the video together.

A half hour later we’re still here!  She’s watched every one of the Maccabeats’ videos(+ one Stand Four video), which means we’re not just ready for Shabbat, but we’re ready for Chanukah, Purim, Passover, and Sukkot!

I know some people wouldn’t have stayed in with their kid if they had a cold. However, I’ve come to believe that if one can stay in and rest when their body shows some kind of illness, then they should.  Hopefully all this rest (and all of these videos) will help Isabelle feel better soon!


17 thoughts on “The Maccabeats & the Common Cold

  1. Stacey,
    Funny how our kids are getting sick at the same time…Nattie had the flu Wednesday-Saturday…Kam now has strep! Ahhh! I think anything we can do to comfort them and get them through the down times is worth its weight in gold.

    I connected with how you explained Isabelle not wanting to be outside when she’s sick as indicator of her not feeling well…and I giggled when you shared how you used Elmo to encourage hand washing as something you vowed to never say before you had kids…yeah, BK… 🙂

  2. My thoughts jump from giving you assurance and encouragement for taking such good care of your little one to rejoicing that you shared such a fine video. No wonder Isabelle loves it. Hope she’s feeling better now.

  3. I’m with you Stacey, all bets are off when the kids don’t feel good. We all like extra TLC in any shape or form and good for you that you realize it! Hope your baby is feeling better today 😉

  4. Hey I have a head cold today can you come a take care of me? I have to get to my road trip by tomorrow morning with Tara. Oh well… I do love that video 🙂 Everyone needs some indoor time.

  5. I love reading about Isabelle! All those rules do fall away when they are sick. Their needs trump everything else. Someone told me they like it when the get sick it give them permission to do nothing. Maybe some good can come out of a little sickness. Love the Maccabeats!

  6. Stacey, I agree with you, when your child is sick it is time for nesting. I raised three boys with ADHD and actually would look forward to sick days – I got as much rest on those days as they did. Don’t you love the snuggling.

  7. Funny, but I actually liked some of those sick days of cuddling, quiet times, and no reason to leave the house. I hope Isabelle feels better.

  8. I agree – all rules go out the door when we are sick! These are days my kids remember well. Time to read, watch videos, sleep and cuddle. Enjoy those times. Thanks for sharing the video – I haven’t watch them in awhile and so enjoy them.

  9. First of all, I hope your little girl is feeling better soon. Secondly, I love that video! Thanks for sharing it. Thirdly, all I could think is what beautiful memories you’re making…when she’s older, she’ll talk about mommy canceling all the rules and cuddling in bed together when she was sick. Hoping the cold doesn’t get you too and she’s up and about soon! 🙂

  10. I hope tomorrow will be better for both of you, especially since you are leaving for Boston. Life does slow down with kids are sick, what can you do but snuggle in together.

  11. The rules definitely change when our kids are sick. My youngest son had chronic ear infections when he was little. I have very fond memories of the day we sat on the couch and watched Sleeping Beauty three times in a row. It’s still my favorite Disney movie! Hope everyone is feeling better. Can’t wait to meet you on Saturday!

  12. I think your last lines are your best “rule” – when you’re sick? Do whatever it takes to rest. Way to go, Super Mommy! Giving your little lady what she needs is a great starting point for rules. Hope it pays off and you are both out and about again soon!

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