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I delivered a teaching point to my toddler today.

There we were, on the couch, reading Truck Stop by Anne Rockwell and Melissa Iwai before Isabelle’s afternoon nap.  The picture book was nestled between us with my left hand holding the book upright in the back.  Isabelle reached down to turn the page before I even got to the text on the right-hand page spread.  I’ve asked her not to do this before.  Last week I told her a couple of times I’d let her know when to turn the page by tapping the bottom right corner.  But there she was turning the page without a nonverbal signal before I was done reading.  So I responded like any trained literacy specialist would respond:

I put my hand on top of her little hand and said, “Isabelle, good readers wait until they’re finished reading all of the words on the pages before they turn the page.  This is important so readers can understand everything that’s happening in the story.”

Yep, that’s what I said to my two year-old.  Not a second grader… a two year-old.  The words just rattled off of my tongue as if I had scripted them out and was ready to teach a minilesson about it.  (Truth be told, I kind of scared myself and was kind of proud of myself at the same time!)

Isabelle looked up at me with her blueberry eyes and seemed to understand since she let me read the next couple of pages to her without preemting me as I read aloud.  In fact, she only tried to turn the page of the book one more time, before I was finished reading this afternoon.  And again, I reminded her, “Good readers wait until they’re finished reading all the words on the page before they turn it.”

This meme was started by Sheila at Book Journey.  The kids’ version has been adapted by Jen at Teach Mentor Texts and Ricki and Kellee at UNLEASHING READERS. Go over and visit their blogs to find out what other people are reading.


5 thoughts on “I delivered a teaching point to my toddler today.

  1. That’s so cute! We talk a lot about good reading habits at our house. My kids love to turn the page. I think it’s definitely hard for them because they don’t realize it isn’t time to turn the page yet, they just love to turn the pages. 🙂 It’s so fun to watch kids develop their love of reading. Thanks for sharing!

  2. On the one hand, my whole family responds to my talk sometimes like ‘that’s your teacher voice, Mom!” I guess we just cannot help it. On the other hand, so cute, & maybe most of it was understood, Stacey-so fun to hear what works, even with a two year old!

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