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Those three words.

I snapped my daughter into her car seat this morning like I do multiple times a day.

“I wuh Mama,” she said.

“You want mommy?” I asked.  Here I am!

“No,” she replied. “I wuhb Mommy!”

“You love Mommy?” I asked shocked.  That can’t be what she said. We haven’t practiced this with her. Sure, she’s heard us tell her we love her, but we have never prompted this sentence.  She can’t be telling me she loves me as I’m about to tighten her car seat belt.  


I hugged you as tears sprung from my eyes.  ”I love you too.”  And then I got all verklempt!

The journey we’re on is an ultramarathon.  We may face lots of rugged terrain, but there are beautiful views along the way to the finish line.


9 thoughts on “Those three words.

  1. Oh, how sweet! I wuhb this slice! Maybe you had never prompted her to say it, but I’m sure she’s heard it a million, trillion times being said to her. She felt it…. and out it came!!
    I love your internal dialogue in this piece, too! Very effective!

  2. I love that she corrected YOU when YOU did not get it right! Yes, she knows you whub her to the moon and back and she now wants you to know she can begin to express how she whubs you! She also wants to make sure you get the message accurately so she is more than willing to repeat herself! All that modeling, expectation, approximation (think Cambourne) comes into play as she begins to take ownership of her ideas.

  3. Woo Hoo!! This brought tears to my eyes, knowing what it meant to you and the power behind those 3 words. What a wonderful Mommy moment, one that you will forever be able to pull out of your memory and know that she loves you!

  4. I love how upon clicking the link, this appears to be a short, quick slice because once reading it is so powerful. I am excited for you and this special moment.

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