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Prepping for the High Holidays

Isabelle didn’t want to get ready to go to bed tonight. Therefore, I infused music into her bedtime routine.  My pick was the high holidays melody that’s traditionally sung at this time of year. I combined a niggun (wordless melody) with the words “L’shana tova tikatevu. A happy, new year. Happy new year to you.” (L’shana tova tikatevu means “may you be written down for a good year.”  It’s typically how people greet one another on Rosh Hashanah.)  Well, Isabelle took the word tikatevu as an invitation to tickle her own belly each time I said it. The first few times I told her, “It’s tikatevu, not tickletevu. It doesn’t mean you tickle yourself.” But after the fourth time I realized I was fighting a losing battle. So, I grabbed my iPhone, put it behind my back, and recorded me singing the song while she tickled herself as much as she could.

13 thoughts on “Prepping for the High Holidays

  1. So sweet…love hearing her giggle…you absolutely have a beautiful singing voice Stacey! Hope you let us know if she does the tickle this week:) xo

  2. Oh my, how adorable. I read your post and thought of the power of literal thinking about words for all of us….sigh….it’s the blessing of childhood!
    I hope your holidays have lots more memorable love-filled moments with family.

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