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What makes a toddler want to pick-up a book?

I’m that mom who scoffs at the licensed books when she sees them in the bookstore. I don’t purchase any book that has a TV show. I don’t hunk that makes me a picture book snob. I think that just makes me someone who wants to put quality literature in my daughter’s hands.

But we get gifts. Gifts from well-meaning people. Often those gifts are books about he adventures of characters Isabelle has never seen before since she only watches “Sesame Street” 2-3x/wk. and that’s it. But yet, she seems to gravitate towards these books that are devoid of plot, well-developed characters, and beautiful illustrations. We have hundreds of gorgeous picture books in this house, but yet she wants the ones that often don’t even have the author or illustrator’s names on the cover!

I let her read these books despite my objections. (I secretly think about hiding them daily, but never go through with my plans!) All I can do is continue to expose her to as many high-quality picture books as possible and hope this is just a phase.

It’s just a phase, right?


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