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Logo Recognition

Somewhere in my brain I have some information about the name of what Isabelle did the other day.  But there’s a lot of stuff in my brain.  Seeing as this information went into it somewhere between 2005-2007, I’m having trouble retrieving the information.

My mom, Isabelle, and I were eating at a table by the window in a local Panera.  I knew I needed to get some work done on my keynote speech that afternoon, so I asked my mom, “Would you mind going to Giant for me?  It’s a short list.”

Just as my mom said, “sure,” Isabelle pointed with her index finger straight ahead.

“Ga,” she said.

Huh?  I looked at where her finger was pointing and noticed she was pointing towards the Giant.

“Oh wow!  You’re right.  That is a Giant store.  But it’s not our Giant.  I’m asking Bubbe if she’ll go to our Giant for me later.  But, yes, that is a Giant too.”

Then I turned to my mom, “How did she know that?  We’ve never even gone to that Giant before.”

My mom looked just as perplexed as me.

“There’s a name for this.  I can’t remember what it is, but there’s a name for when young children can ‘read’ logos and know what they say/mean,” I said.

That was Wednesday.  I emailed one of my grad school professors about this and she said it has something to do with recognition and association, but she didn’t provide me with the technical term.

While Isabelle’s logo recognition surprised me the other day since it happened when she heard the word Giant and associated it with the store in front of her (at which she had never shopped), it’s not the first time she’s recognized a logo.  She knows the Siren from Starbucks since we go through the drive thru there a few times a week.  Anytime she sees the Siren, she says, “Bar-ba,” which means “Starbucks.”  However, that’s a very identifiable brand logo, not a word logo like Giant’s.

I’m going to keep racking my brain trying to figure out what this is called.  Until then, if you happen to know what it’s called or have more insight on the topic, then please leave a comment.


10 thoughts on “Logo Recognition

  1. Stacy maybe we should google and figure it out…I kind of want to say logographic. Last week was the first week I didn’t comment in the slice in two years…my wonderful mother-in-law passed away very suddenly. I wanted to comment on how writing has changed me as a teacher and a coach…it is always goes back to relationships…we desire connection and that occurs when people read and give feedback. Our students across America need response and as crazy as some people think…we move them forward easily if we can always find something that is special in what they’ve written. I believe that we can really teach students to give this feedback to each other also. I know that your probably have already given the keynote. I would have loved to been there because I respect and admire your work and your life with your sweet Isabelle! xo

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your loss, Nancy.

      Thanks for commenting now. It’s good to hear from you and your thoughts. The speech isn’t ’til the end of the month so it’s right on time.

  2. My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and while driving past a Bruster’s ice cream shop the other day, she pointed to it and said “are we going to stop for ice cream mommy?” I was amazed!!! She’s done this with a few other stores as well. I look forward to hearing what you find on this topic.

    1. I think that might be it, Amy. I always thought of environmental print as signs (like the books from Tana Hoban and Zoran Milich). But I could be wrong. What do you think?

  3. Oh, I was thinking environmental print too. In our city, every park is marked with the same green signs. The only thing that changes is the name of the park, and some pictures identifying what can be done at the park (hockey rink, playground, etc.) Every time we drive past one, even in a new neighbourhood, my 2.5 year old knows it is a park and wants to stop. She also asks for cocoa every time we drive past one of the chain restaurants that sells cocoa (really they are a coffee shop.) She is reading the sign, not the words. The “Giant” logo looks the same every time – same font, colours, etc. – so it makes sense to me that your daughter could read it.

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