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Bees and Butterflies

DSC_7478Ever since we had an abundance of bees in our shrubs and around Isabelle’s playhouse, she hasn’t been too keen on anything that’s small, buzzes, and has wings.  In fact, everything that flies gets labeled as a “bee!”  At first I thought this problem was just related to bees, but when we took her to the butterfly room at the Phipps Conservatory this past weekend, we realized she was generalizing that anything small with wings was a bee.

Isabelle became agitated as the butterflies flitted around her at the Phipps.  Marc held her hand and talked about how gentle butterflies were, but she didn’t seem convinced.  Therefore, I handed off the camera to him, picked her up, and tried to show her how delicate and harmless the beautiful butterflies were.  Again, she wasn’t convinced.  While she didn’t scream and cry, she did not have a good time visiting with the butterflies.  This is a shame since she used to love the Butterfly House at the Hershey Gardens.

Initially I thought of taking her to the Butterfly House, but I came to realize that may only upset her (and I don’t want her to dislike going to the Gardens).  Therefore, I’m on the prowl for books about bees and butterflies to teach her more about these creatures.  I’m thinking I can get her more familiar with them through books.  However, an Amazon search yielded a mind-boggling amount of results.  Therefore, I’m hoping someone out there in the Kidlitosphere can recommend some good bee and butterfly books for a two year-old.  Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion.  THANKS!


7 thoughts on “Bees and Butterflies

    1. Thanks for the links. I’ll look into them later.

      I have the Bee Tree. Will dig that out of my old school bookshelf and get ready to share it with my daughter.

      Thank you!

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