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Shadows on Our Walk

blackrabbitThe Black Rabbit, by Philippa Leathers, was published earlier this year.  It’s the story of a rabbit who is afraid of his own shadow because he doesn’t know what it is.  He notices a big, black rabbit following him pretty much everywhere (except behind a tree and under water) he goes.  In an incredible twist of fate, the black rabbit eventually saves his life (can’t say how since that would spoil the story), giving the story a fantastic surprise ending.

Initially, Isabelle didn’t like this book.  I’m not sure if she was afraid of the black rabbit.  However, after three or four readings of the book, she began to sit through it. Now she pages through it independently and listens to it when I read it aloud to her.

Yesterday, I took Isabelle on a walk after lunch. It was technically just the two of us. But there were actually four of us along. There was a 3D mommy, a 3D Isabelle, and two shadows. Isabelle was fascinated by the black shadows that were walking alongside us, like in the book The Black Rabbit. She kept trying to hang off of the side of her Smart Trike in an effort to grab her shadow. (Of course, I was pushing her too fast for her to catch it!)  I said to her, “Just like Rabbit in the story had the Black Rabbit as his shadow, these are our shadows.” And there I was.  A literacy specialist even on our walk, making a connection to a book as we walked through the world.


2 thoughts on “Shadows on Our Walk

  1. It’s a great book, isn’t it? I think Isabelle is one very quick little girl to make that connection, Stacey. How fun that she was trying to grab her shadow!

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