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We snuggled-up on the couch this morning because we could. You see, we don’t celebrate Easter so we didn’t need to be anywhere today. Most people around these parts do celebrate Easter, so not much is going on today. We thought about going to Hershey Gardens (again), but it’s raining and cold (again). Instead, I put a big pot of chicken soup on the stove at 10:30 a.m. and then walked away for a few hours. And in that time, I laughed and snuggled with my daughter on the couch. We used the iPad to play expressive and receptive language games together. I even let my guard down and let her watch a few Maccabeats videos on the iPad (’til I realized what I was doing and closed-up shop). We cuddled under a blanket together. Nothing monumental happened this morning, unless you count “teaching one’s child how to have a lazy day” as something big.

Isabelle loves when the duck on one of her apps smiles. Here she is pointing at his toothy grin.

A special thank you to all of the Slicers who stopped by to read my slice of life stories over the past month. Your words of encouragement, tips, and funny comments have all been appreciated!


15 thoughts on “Snuggled-up

  1. I’ve loved reading and listening about you and your daughter. Thank you so much for envisioning this wonderful world of blogging together. It has been an amazing community to enter. Thank you also for all of the support that you gave to Larkin throughout the month. Even at 16 and even though there are three other daughters, she is my heart walking outside of me, and it was wonderful to watch so many readers and writers support and encourage her. Enjoy your chicken soup and lazy day.

  2. It has been a wonderful month…and I have so enjoyed the Isabelle stories. Isn’t amazing how quickly they figure out the iPad! Teaching her to have a lazy day is as important as setting goals and doing learning exercises. How many of us begin to feel guilty when we are not being (what we consider) productive? Beiing lazy is really allowing our bodies and minds to rest, recover, synthesize, and later reboot. Thanks for this great experience and I plan to continure on Tuesdays. Jackie

    1. No Maccabeats on the iPad. (She can still watch them on my computer or on my iPhone.) Just got the iPad for her to do speech-related stuff. I want to make sure she equates the iPad with that and not with videos or I worry I won’t get her to stay focused.

  3. Sounds like the perfect day to me! Thank you so much, first of all for providing this forum, and for the supportive comments you’ve made throughout the month. They really were inspiring! See you Tuesday!

  4. Oh I think learning to love the lazy days counts as something really big! The lazy days are hard to come by in this crazy life. Hope you enjoyed each and every moment of it together.

  5. We call them “veg” days – the days when we “veg” around and catch up on reading, relaxing or even watching some TV. We even developed routines where there “vegged” on the day before school started (I always had to work) and got to watch a movie during the day – sigh – happy memories – even if the reasons were related to the fact that mom had to work!

  6. Snuggling days are learning days too. Besides you were working on speech at the same time. Sounds like a perfect day. Thanks Stacey for all your work setting things in motion. You have touched so many lives. I’m so glad I finally stopped lurking and became a slicer.

  7. Thanks again, Stacey, for visiting my class blog so often. Enjoy snuggling with that adorable gift from heaven and we will join you again next March!

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