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The Silver Lining

Looking up towards the Gardens from Chocolate World.  See what I mean about the weather?
Looking up towards the Gardens from Chocolate World. See what I mean about the weather?

We were supposed to go to opening day at Hershey Gardens today, but it was too raw and gray so we took Isabelle on the ride at Chocolate World instead.
We were supposed to spend most of the past week with my parents, but my mom was sick so we went to my in-laws’ house instead.

In fact, there are a lot of things that haven’t been turning out as expected lately.  What this week has taught me is to look for the silver lining.  While I would’ve loved to spend the morning at the Garden, we managed to have a great time at Chocolate World.  And while I missed spending Passover with my parents, I  grateful my mom is on the road to recovery.  Plus, we still got away for a few days, which have us the have to see family, friends, and spend time in Manhattan.
My husband heads back to work tomorrow, which is bittersweet.  His job is important to our family so I’m thankful he heads back to work tomorrow after a week-long vacation.   That said, I relished the family time we had together this past week, even if it didn’t turn out as expected.  Perhaps that is why my heart feels heavy and I’m wishing this day, this ordinary, chilly, Thursday would last just a little bit longer.


22 thoughts on “The Silver Lining

  1. Just starting my shortened Spring Break here… my boys are heading out tomorrow to backpack and hike with my hubby. While I’ll miss them, I am looking forward to some time to myself. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your grey chilly day!

  2. You expressed a feeling most of us have from time to time when things don’t go as we planned or expected. It can produce a heavy heart. You have wisdom to look for the silver lining and express thanks.

  3. Sounds like a good time at Chocolate World…we are having an extremely cold Spring Break here –(for Florida) , but I am grateful for the time inside to clean I suppose? Enjoy your Thursday together and I am glad your mom is recovering.

  4. I’m glad that your disappointment was translucent instead of opaque. There’s a quote on my wall write now from Gordon Hinckley…something to the effect of ‘those who move ahead with a happy spirit find happiness…” May the sun come out for you very soon :).

  5. So relatable – sometimes I find it very difficult to reframe when I feel “cheated” out of expected things. That cloudy feeling lingers. Other times, it’s like a toss of the head and I’m over it ready to enter the reality I have with a smile on my face. We’ve all been there, will continue to be there, here’s hoping for more of the gracious switches and fewer of the gray ones…

  6. I can totally relate to this piece! I am a big planner and when things don’t go as I’ve planned I am usually disappointed. I am learning to look for the upside – there usually is one. thanks for reminding us!

  7. I have felt that way this week in Nashville also, because of weather there has been revision along the way. That is so much a part of my life lately. Good to hear it is more than just us! xo

  8. Our weather has been ugly and chilly here as well… not exactly a lovely Spring Break, and yet I’ve cherished it too! You’re lucky that your husband was able to spend some of your holiday with you. Mine has been at work all break, and I’ve often wished he was home. I have tried to spend some more quality time (i.e. not immersed in grading papers or writing) with him in the evenings though, since my days have been freer. I hope good weather finds you soon!

  9. I’m glad that it all worked out and that your mom is recovering. I think you have a lot on your mind. Try to slow down and take in your life. It sounds pretty good. 🙂

  10. A week of “revision” in Denver too. Don’t think I’ve done quite as good a job at finding the silver lining as you have done here. Glad you got some good time with family.

  11. What you did and where you stayed may not have been what you expected, but certainly good alternatives. Looking at the silver lining and relishing what you have are better choices than letting disappointment rule the heart.

  12. I am just beginning my Easter break, so am excited for the possibilities! My list is endless and unrealistic, but I feel like I’ve got all this time and that it will go exactly as I have planned. In the end, I know I will have those end-of-break blues. Not that I don’t love my job and routine, I really do. It’s just that I will mourn the lack of routine for a few hours before I jump right back into real life. I hope the feeling passes quickly for you now, and for me next week.

    Stacey, Thank you so much for being the rock star that popped into my classroom blogs on a regular basis. My third graders announced every time you visited. Your name has been used in our classroom this past month almost as often as mine. “Thank you” doesn’t really do justice to the gratitude I feel to you for helping me to create writers in my class. God bless you for your role in the world of our children.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It was the boost I needed today! I only wished I had more time, this month, to get around to every kid’s slice every day. I commented on as many as possible. I’m glad that whatever I gave was well-received.

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