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Black Tights or White Tights?

This is Isabelle's outfit for tonight's Passover Seder.  She'll be wearing it with black shoes.  What goes better: white or black tights?  Please weigh-in.
This is Isabelle’s outfit for tonight’s Passover Seder. She’ll be wearing it with black shoes. What goes better: white or black tights? Please weigh-in.

She flipped over on to her belly as soon as one arm went through her undershirt.  “Tika-tika-tika,” she said as giggles ensued.  Yes, she was tickling herself as I was trying to get her dressed.

“Turn over!” I commanded.

“Tika-tika-tika,” she said again as she moved her fingers back and forth to tickle her belly.

It was funny.  I’ll admit it.  Squirming around in all of her two year-old glory.  She was trying to evade getting dressed to go out for the day.  It took both of us (me and my hubby) to get her dressed in her sweater, corduroy pants, and socks to go out for the morning.  She kept flipping over on to her belly.  We kept turning her onto her back.  Belly to back.  Belly to back.  Belly to back.   After five minutes of turning her over like a pancake, we finally got her dressed.

Once they left the house — clothed! — to do their errands, my thoughts turned to tonight.  I thought my biggest decision would be whether or not she’d wear black or white tights.  Now I’m wondering how on earth I’m even going to get the tights on her tonight.  (BTW: My daughter detests tights.  I can’t say I blame her.  I’m the bride who didn’t even wear stockings to her own December wedding!)  Getting her ready for tonight’s Seder should be interesting!


10 thoughts on “Black Tights or White Tights?

  1. White tights :). The black ones would be cute for a wintry festivity, but for spring (?)…I think white. Love the dress! So fun.

    Yes — getting toddlers ready to go anywhere can be a mind-blowing experience. Good luck with donning the tights tonight. Hopefully, it will be easier than you anticipate :).

  2. I was going to say white tights. But then I read your comment about Isabelle not liking tights. I say, “Run to the store and buy cute little white ankle socks.” I know it is cold out. We have snow too. Put a blanket in the car.
    I felt brave enough to suggest shopping when you said you didn’t wear tights to your own December wedding.
    I hate tights too.

  3. I love the way you write about the dressing struggle. That is just the way it is with some kids. I like the black. But I hate tights (and shoes) so the socks sound like a good idea to me.

  4. I say black, so that when she drops food on them, it won’t be as visible. I love the dress, btw. I don’t even know if I have a dress for Alina and this March has been so beyond hectic, that I don’t even care!

  5. If you MUST choose tights…I vote for white. However, I hate tights too, so I would vote for the cute little white socks!

    I didn’t wear tights to my wedding either…much to my mom’s dismay. You couldn’t see my legs/feet anyway! Why be uncomfortable? And really, it was MY day!

    Good luck wrestling your sweetie into whatever you choose!

  6. I agree with Tara! White tights or black, she will be darling! And if it snows, maybe she could just wear black leggings with white socks. That might be a little easier than tights. Good luck!

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