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You know your child
Is getting older
When the hair stylist
Clips her hair up
In sections
Before cutting it.

You know you’re lucky
When the hair stylist
Says she had an easy time
Because your child
Was so chill
In the chair.

You know you’re the parent
Of just one child
When you’re still
Taking photos and writing
About your child’s
Fourth haircut.


16 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. My youngest daughter just got a haircut. She sent pictures by text. I’ll get to see her with her new hair in a few short days. Can’t wait!
    Like the repitition and the obvious joy in this slice.

  2. Of course she was chilling in the chair, she has a book in her hand to read. I love the way you preserved this moment with a poem.

  3. I remember my daughter’s first professional haircut. She was literally bald until about age 4. I love that she will have this poem and picture to remember it by.

  4. I love how you said that you could tell You know you’re the parent of just one child when you’re still taking photos and writing about your child’s fourth haircut. You never know. I am the mother of two and I documented pretty much most of their early years. And I am so glad I did. Your child will enjoy these moments through your documentation as she grows. Kudos!

  5. Just for the cultural experience, you should come with me when I take Joel to the barber. I love your poem and I bet Isabelle’s haircut looks great.

  6. Oh wow! My girls have yet to have their haircut. I wonder why this is such a big moment, but it is. I love that you are documenting it, whether it’s the first or twenty-first, or anything in between! Love that she is reading a book to chill with Elmo in the background! 🙂

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