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Persuading Her to Wear the Black Shoes

Just a small peek into our getting-ready-for-school routine.

And look… she put them on (without a fight)!



14 thoughts on “Persuading Her to Wear the Black Shoes

  1. I love this slice! I’m always trying to persuade my Maddie to wear black shoes, too. Sometimes, she agrees and sometimes, she needs her Dora shoes. 🙂 I love listening to your daughter’s words and coos – she has a lot to say!!

  2. I have a strong willed and very independent daughter…now a grown up…who would not accep help in dressing or suggestions about what to wear or much else in her life. Now I can finally see the delicate balance of parental patience and encouraging that spirit. Your patience and love ooze through this post.

  3. Getting ready for school…listening to the two of you brings back memories. I loved this stage of talking through the moves….when they would listen in close, learning all the time even through the simplest activities. Hope Isabelle had a lovely day with all her friends….

    1. Aw, thanks Tara. She had a great day with her friends. She was very enamored with the bubble bowl (which is a big bowl of soapy water that the kids use to wash their hands in before and after they make the snack). Needless to say, she got VERY wet! BUT, she was happy and wet.

  4. We have amazing shoe and sock drama at my house, it is more so due to my daughter just not wanting anything to do with shoes/socks period! This was so fun to listen to. What a sweet exchange between the two of you.

  5. So sweet to hear, Stacey. I think it’s good she’s also beginning to have choices, like the tennies, but it sounds like she didn’t mind the black ones, either. I kept Imogene today & your sounds were a little bit like mine. Wish I’d thought of recording. It would have been my slice tomorrow!

  6. Love hearing these conversations! When I hear the two of you talk, I always think about Vygotsky, and his conversations about the development of thought and language. I love thinking about all the language that you pour into her and how her kindergarten teacher is going to LOOVE you when it all comes pouring back out in a couple of years. Such a precious girl! (Sidenote: as the mom of two teenage boys who have a shoe fetish, I have had many similar conversations, but the opposite: NO, I cannot spend $100 on a pair of purple tennis shoes that match the ONE purple shirt you have just purchased. You are going to have to wear your white tennis shoes, or your black tennis shoes, or your gray ones, because I am NOT buying those purple shoes)!

    1. Vygotsky? Oh, I wish! Believe me, I don’t always say the right thing. (Especially when it comes to teeth brushing time. I’m like, “open your mouth, open your mouth, open your mouth.” Not my finest moment. Though Isabelle seems to think it’s funny!)

      Funny how the shoes conversations change as the year goes on. I’m pretty lucky that she only has two choices, aren’t I?

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