slice of life

Things Keep Breaking

First it was the keyboard tray.

Then it was the laundry machine.

On Thursday,

my daughter’s car seat harness

got stuck on our way

down to Washington, DC.

I couldn’t fix it.

The seat had to be replaced.

This afternoon,

my computer wouldn’t start.

After six years,

I thought it was time to say good-bye.

I revived it by

removing the battery

and plugging it in again.

They say things happen in threes.

The computer was number four.

Things need to stop breaking —



And while I’m playing
my violin,
I will add that
I woke up sick
last night.


16 thoughts on “Things Keep Breaking

  1. This is not a good list, but it makes for a great list poem! That last stanza is just perfect:
    “And while I’m playing
    my violin,
    I will add…”

    It is good to have a sense of humor like this in the face of annoyances (it is also good that you keep it all in perspective, as mentioned in the tag for your link)

  2. 1. The broken keyboard tray led you to try podcasts.
    2. The broken washing machine let us all know that socks do, in fact, get lost in the wash.
    3. I’m sure you were looking to get Izzy in a bigger car seat anyway.
    4. Backup your computer info, right now, before the computer dies for good.

    1. As for points 3&4:
      The bad thing was the debacle happened on a road trip. The good news was that BBB in Rockville deemed it defective and gave us a new one. Just a lot of drama involved with changing the seat over.
      Thankfully I back up with Carbonite constantly. I learned that lesson the hard way years ago.

      Was hoping to see you tomorrow morning at the Haverim event. Instead I’ll be staying home wallowing in my sickie misery. :(. Have fun!

  3. Sometimes it feels like the run of bad luck will never end. My dad used to call us or himself Joe Btfsplk (from Li’l Abner) when we had a run of trouble. It is time for that dark cloud to find a new home. Love the way your writing is a long line of trouble.

  4. All I can say is I feel your pain, Stacey! And I agree with Rachel’s number 4-back it up now! I just went through some of this (still) with my old house. After all the beautiful things I’ve done, and after getting a contract in one day, I still have some repair things to do-ugh! I’m very tired of repairs, as obviously you are too. So sorry to hear about all of it, but I did enjoy the podcasts, too!

  5. My husband and I had a day like this today. Things weren’t breaking, but just plain going wrong. I think your list expresses this so well. The ending is perfect….the writing that is, hope your feeling better 🙂

  6. So sorry you are going through such a rough patch! I guess the only good news is that things have to get better! Hopefully it will be really, really soon! Feel better!

  7. Take comfort in that your misery has traveled the world and all hearts are pulling for karma to be nice to you. Now you can laugh, because as I read the line about playing the violin, my mind thought, I didn’t know she played the violin. Then I got to the end and went oh! with a head slap. 🙂

    1. Same here, Elsie -then I pictured the “tiny violin” playing wah, wah wah. Oh Stacey – I hope the sunshine comes soon and makes everything and everyone better!

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