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The Trike Came Out to Play

My parents bought Isabelle a Smart Trike last summer. It lived at their house ’til January, when they brought it to our home. I hid it in the basement, waiting for the right time (and temperature) to take it out so she could go for a spin on it. The rest of the story you can hear below.

I’d love to know why every toy for kids these days seems to come with a phone. We don’t really want kids to ride bikes and talk on the phone, do we? (I think not.)



10 thoughts on “The Trike Came Out to Play

    1. Thanks Bonnie. Some of them feel kind of silly, but it’s who we are right now, at this moment in time.

      I haven’t been downloading them. I’m hoping they’ll just live here for eternity. (Is that a dopey notion?)

  1. I haven’t had too many opportunities to be around little ones lately, so I am thoroughly enjoying the sounds of Isabelle’s cooing, her laughter, and her bye-bye’s. I also had no idea that new toys now feature the play-phone! So silly, no? Lovely podcasts, Stacey!

  2. Cell phones on trikes? How silly! Sounds like fun days are ahead as the weather turns warmer for learning the trikes tricks. Love the sounds of a mom and daughter.

  3. This was adorable. Maybe we can meet up some time, there is a nice park by me (Roof Park) that has a real nice path for tricycle / bike riding and a big playground.

  4. I would like to sit down and have a chat with Isabelle someday….maybe over a glass of lemonade…she sounds like a young lady quite definite about what she likes, and how one must go about things. She would be so much fun to talk to, since she’d have lots of interesting opinions….and she has the best laughs and giggles. Yes, sharing lemonade with Isabelle would be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

  5. I’ve never even heard of a SmartTrike, but it looks cool! (The phone is too funny — you’re right, I don’t think we really want to encourage talking-while-driving!) These little sneak peeks of spring are lovely, aren’t they? 🙂

    1. Let me tell ya something, Jen. I’m cutting that phone off by the string as soon as she starts riding it independently. (Right now I’m pushing her on it, which means she gets to ride while I do the work.) No way am I encouraging the faux phone call once she has to pay attention to where she’s “driving.”

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