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The Saga Continues: My Keyboard Tray

I've been tweeting a bit about my home office saga.
I’ve been tweeting a bit about my home office saga.

I’ve about had it with technological issues.  I realize these are the good kinds of problems to have.  World peace isn’t threatened by my lack of a keyboard tray.  A terrible illness will not result from not having a keyboard tray.  The Earth will continue to spin on its axis even though I don’t have a keyboard tray.  I get it.  However, my life as a writer is impacted by not having a keyboard tray.  The 6th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge is coming up and I’m without a properly functioning home office.  I have blog posts to write, comments to approve, and blogs to comment on.  And yet, I cannot do it comfortably from my own desk.

My husband tried to install the new keyboard tray in my office this weekend, but hit a major bump in the road when he discovered the cross bar on my desk was welded to the desk.  It couldn’t be removed.  Therefore, my father has offered to create something, which he’ll send out here next week, to attach to my desk to allow the keyboard tray to mount underneath the desk.  (It’s more complicated than I can begin to fathom.)  Getting me up and running again is truly turning into a team effort.

After two weeks of being without a keyboard tray (which resulted from it breaking off of my desk when we tried to install a new router, which subsequently turned into a massive wireless debacle that resulted in is going back to our old router after five days of a tech nightmare), my husband sensed my frustration when he shared the bad news with me yesterday.  Therefore, he moved my keyboard tray, mouse, the gel pads, and my laptop up to his office (thereby unplugging his own computer, which will force him to use it on a lap desk somewhere in our house) so I could have a half-way decent setup ’til he and my Dad can figure out a resolution to get the new keyboard tray installed.  If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

The new setup isn’t comfortable since his keyboard tray doesn’t fully fit my mouse and keyboard.  Therefore there’s some wobble when I type.  His chair isn’t super comfy.  The computer screen isn’t at the perfect height.  But, it’s better than being in complete pain by typing with my shoulders hiked up sans keyboard tray.

I’ll probably be online as little as possible ’til my home office is back to normal.  That being said, I’m grateful I can at least sit at my computer again.

8 thoughts on “The Saga Continues: My Keyboard Tray

  1. Egad! Sometimes I wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into, Stacey. I didn’t have the ‘labor’ you’ve had, but when I moved, I left my old printer & about had a fit until I selected, bought, & set up a new one! We will survive, as you so eloquently wrote, but… Best to you, your husband and your wonderful dad!

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