Teaching Children to Appreciate a Sunset

One of my parenting goals this year is to get outside, even in cold and rainy weather, to experience nature with my daughter. Rather than feeling trapped indoors by the weather, I’m learning we can don appropriate clothes and just head outdoors.

I rushed from an appointment to the grocery store in a short time span this afternoon. I raced around the store grabbing the items on my list so that I could check out & get home by 5:30, which is when the babysitter had to leave. After throwing the bagged groceries in my car, I backed out of my parking spot and headed home. Once I turned onto the main road, driving west, I noticed the most beautiful sunset. Shades of pink, purple, orange, and blue mingled. I felt as if it was G-d’s way of reminding me to slow down and appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. In addition, I wanted Isabelle to experience the sunset tonight. As I drove home, I thought about leaving the groceries in the car, writing a check for her babysitter quickly, putting on her socks, shoes, coats, hats, and mittens, and bringing her outside. In reality, I spent time chatting with her babysitter, which is a good thing, and didn’t manage to get outside. Therefore, I made a mental note to try again tomorrow. I want her to start to experience the beauty of sunset, so she begins to develop an awareness for it on her own. How else will she come to appreciate the beauty of nature and the world that she lives in if I do not take the time to show it to her?


5 thoughts on “Teaching Children to Appreciate a Sunset

  1. Stacey,
    I love the idea of relishing in the beauty of nature and taking the time to teach that to our children. It’s easy to overlook things that we should all be taking more time to appreciate. Thanks for bring this to the surface of priority. It makes me think about the idea that as a parent, we are our child’s best first teachers.

  2. You will have other opportunities, Stacey, but I’m glad you noticed. Some of my fondest memories with Carter young was taking him out on a rainy day & looking for worms. Definitely entertainment waits outdoors!

    1. @Linda: I love looking at the stars. Isabelle has come to love looking for the moon in the night sky. I’m thinking about taking her out at night to star gaze. Just waiting for the right night.

  3. This reminds me of one summer night when my daughter (who was six at that time) said she wanted to see a sunset. We went to a beach, sat on a large rock, watched the beauty and listened to the lullaby of the waves. She put her hand around me, and we were like Piglet and Pooh. Perfect harmony. Then suddenly she stood up on a rock, stretched her arms and hollered “I am the princess of the World.” Laughter and hugging followed.
    What I have read from you and what I have learned about Isabelle leave me no doubt that two of you will have many moments of wonder together. The right moments quite often come unplanned.

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